Best ASX Tech Stocks to Invest in 2024

ASX Tech Stocks

What are ASX tech stocks?

ASX tech stocks are shares of companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) that are involved in the technology sector. This encompasses a wide range of businesses, from software and services to hardware and equipment. These companies operate in various sub-sectors, including cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital services, and more. The ASX All Technology Index (XTX) and ASX Information Technology Sector index are key benchmarks that track the performance of the largest and most liquid technology companies on the ASX. Investing in ASX tech stocks offers exposure to innovative firms that are at the forefront of technological advancements and digital transformation.

Why invest in ASX tech stocks?

Investing in ASX tech stocks is appealing due to the sector’s high growth potential driven by digital transformation, cloud adoption, and increasing tech spending. These investments provide exposure to cutting-edge advancements and disruptive technologies with the potential to reshape industries and markets. ASX tech stocks can offer significantly higher returns compared to more traditional sectors, making them particularly attractive for investors seeking high-reward opportunities. Additionally, the Australian government’s active support for the technology sector through various initiatives and grants creates a favorable environment for tech companies to flourish, potentially improving their investment prospects.

Pros and Cons of Investing in ASX Tech Stocks

Investing in ASX technology stocks comes with its set of benefits and drawbacks. On the plus side, the sector’s rapid growth offers the potential for high returns and exposure to leading innovations. Adding tech stocks to a portfolio can enhance diversification and reduce overall risk. Many ASX tech companies boast strong financials, providing a degree of stability. 

However, the sector is known for its volatility, with stock prices subject to significant fluctuations. High valuations can lead to disappointment if growth expectations are not met. The competitive landscape also poses challenges, and broader economic trends or regulatory changes can impact tech companies’ performance.

How to select the right ASX tech stock?

Selecting the right ASX tech stock involves a blend of diligent research, strategic analysis, and personal investment goals. Start by examining the company’s financial health, including revenue growth, profitability, cash flow, and debt levels. Analyze the business model and its scalability, focusing on market potential, competitive advantages, and the management team’s track record. Consider the broader industry trends and how they align with the company’s offerings. Diversify across different technology sub-sectors to mitigate risk. Lastly, assess the stock’s valuation to ensure you’re not overpaying for future growth prospects. Aligning these factors with your investment horizon and risk tolerance is key to selecting the right ASX tech stock.

Top 5 ASX Tech Stocks to Invest in 2024

Xero (ASX: XRO)

Investing in Xero (ASX: XRO), a leading cloud accounting software provider, presents a compelling opportunity, especially for those interested in investing in undervalued shares asx with high growth potential. Xero’s substantial revenue growth, evidenced by a 21% increase in operating revenue and 19% rise in annualized monthly recurring revenue, positions it strongly for sustained growth. Its impressive 13% subscriber increase to 3.94 million highlights expanding market reach, particularly in regions like Australia, the UK, and the US. The company’s financial health is robust, with a high gross profit margin of 87.5% and a 65% surge in adjusted EBITDA, showcasing efficient revenue conversion into profit. Xero’s commitment to AI integration enhances its competitive edge, offering sophisticated, efficiency-boosting solutions for users. Considering these factors, coupled with a 30% potential upside from its current valuation as per Goldman Sachs’ analysis, Xero stands out as an attractive investment choice.

Block Inc (ASX: SQ2)

Diving into Block Inc (ASX: SQ2) as an investment is like catching a rising star, with the stock shooting up an impressive 63% since November. This thrilling climb is all thanks to Block’s smart moves with money and cutting costs in ways that have left investors pleasantly surprised. The firm’s third-quarter results highlighted a commitment to operational efficiency and a robust plan aimed at achieving the ‘rule of 40’ by 2026, signaling a balanced focus on growth and profitability. Moreover, Block’s decisive actions, including a $1 billion buyback program and a 22% upgrade to CY24 EBITDA expectations, reinforce its potential for sustainable growth.

WiseTech Global (ASX: WTC)

WiseTech Global (ASX: WTC) has shown an impressive 240% rise in share price over five years, despite recent volatility. The company’s core software, CargoWise, is indispensable to the global logistics sector, serving over 17,000 logistics companies worldwide. With e-commerce and global trade expected to grow, WiseTech’s significant market penetration and 29% revenue growth in FY23, along with a forecasted 27% to 34% increase in FY24, position it for continued expansion. Despite a high P/E ratio, the company’s robust recurring revenue model, minimal customer loss, and projected strong double-digit profit growth suggest the current valuation could be justified in the long term.


NEXTDC emerged as a prime investment candidate within the ASX 200, uniquely positioned to capitalize on the digital economy through its cutting-edge data center services across key Asian markets. The company’s significant 47% increase in contracted utilization to 122.2MW and 25% revenue growth to $362.4 million in FY23 underline a robust demand trajectory. With a presence in strategic locations like Auckland, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Singapore, and Port Hedland, NEXTDC is at the forefront of addressing the exponential growth in cloud computing and digital infrastructure needs. The company’s impressive 14% CAGR in customer numbers and a 15% CAGR in interconnections over the past five years further accentuate its growth potential. Goldman Sachs’ endorsement with a buy rating and a $15.80 price target reinforces confidence in NEXTDC’s capacity for sustained earnings growth, making it an attractive option for growth investors seeking exposure to the digital infrastructure sector.

Altium Limited (ASX: ALU)

Altium Limited (ASX: ALU) offers a strong investment case, marked by a consistent upward trajectory in share price, including an 8% rise in the last month and a doubling over five years. The company’s robust financial performance, with a 19.2% revenue increase to US$263.3 million and net profit after tax growth of 19.6% to US$66.3 million in FY23, underscores its operational efficiency and market dominance in PCB design software. Looking ahead, Altium is poised for continued growth, projecting a 20% to 23% revenue increase in FY24, aiming for US$500 million revenue by FY26. This growth is buoyed by increasing demand for its products amidst the IoT and AI expansions, coupled with a strategic focus on its Altium 365 cloud platform, enhancing its market position. Despite UBS’s conservative short-term price target, bullish outlooks from Macquarie and Citi, with targets of $49.70 and $56.60 respectively, reflect confidence in Altium’s long-term value proposition.

Future Outlook of ASX Tech Industry 

Investing in tech stocks is buoyed by several positive factors including recovering global markets, the potential for rate cuts, the inherent long-term growth potential of the tech sector, and undervalued stock valuations post-2022 sell-off. However, challenges such as geopolitical risks, potential economic slowdowns, increased regulatory scrutiny, and intense sector competition could temper growth. With the S&P/ASX All Technology Index showing a 21% gain in the first half of 2023 but a 15% decline year-to-date in 2024, investors should approach with caution, prioritizing thorough research and analysis of individual tech companies’ fundamentals.


What are ASX tech stocks?

ASX tech stocks refer to shares of technology companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, encompassing sectors like software, hardware, and digital services.

Why have ASX tech stocks been volatile?

Volatility in ASX tech stocks can be attributed to global economic shifts, interest rate changes, and the fast-evolving nature of technology itself.

Can ASX tech stocks be a good investment?

ASX tech stocks offer growth potential, especially for companies in emerging tech sectors like cloud computing and AI, but they also carry higher risk.

How do interest rates affect ASX tech stocks?

Higher interest rates can negatively impact ASX tech stocks, as they increase borrowing costs and can shift investor preference towards less risky assets.

What should I consider before investing in ASX tech stocks?

Consider the company’s growth potential, market position, financial health, and the broader economic environment, including interest rates and regulatory changes.

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