As you all know that a learning management system or simply an LMS is primarily a software application for the development as well as implementation along with the delivery of educational programs. Especially for K 12 students, learning management software is more convenient and multiple benefits for the same are seen during this level.

Even in the post-phase of COVID-19, there has been a rapid increase in the use of learning management systems has online education greatly elevated during this time. Where and how learners as well as educators use this tool has become more widespread, from a global perspective. Starting from various works which had to be conducted in the offline mode earlier, most of the things are now conducted online with the help of LMS. It helps in managing classroom activities by playing the role of a timetable maker.

Now you might know what are the benefits of using a learning management system, but are you aware of what are the advantages of an LMS in the classroom environment? Well, that is indeed an interesting thing to discuss, and indeed there are several features of an LMS that come as a blessing in the classroom. Check them in the sections below.

Efficient Distribution of Study Materials

One of the greatest advantages of LMS in a classroom environment is that it supports the distribution of study materials inside the classroom, efficiently. In offline sessions, it was uncertain whether all the students of a particular class will get all the notes, and study materials or not. However, LMS has helped online learning easy, as every student will get access to those study materials, regardless of whether they are present in the class or not. Even, large textbooks can also be shared online in PDF format, students don’t need to buy the same, eventually saving money.

Parental access to their child’s learning

With the help of learning management systems, parents can also have the access to their child’s learning. On certain occasions, students are seen to have forgotten about their homework or classwork, however, with the option of parents getting the opportunity to supervise, their children get to learn things efficiently. In case he or she has forgotten about a particular work from school, their parents are present to remind him of the same. They have the access to their child’s class timetable, calendar, outline, assessment dates, etc. For students, it is indeed a big assistance.

Variety of Resource Formats

Another great advantage of LMS in classrooms which also works as a student information system is that it offers resources in a variety of formats. This particular feature helps the teachers to gather several resources on a specific topic or any skill that can aid the students in the context of that topic better. This can be available in several forms including external sites or videos, and these can be embedded easily into the classroom allowing easy access to the students. This type of resource can also encourage learning, and make it more interesting to the students.

Availability of Diverse Assessment Options

Teachers can assign assessments in various types of ways, with the help of LMS. These can be questionnaires, short quizzes, multiple-choice questions, etc. Teachers also have the availability to opt for an external site and provide questions based on those topics. This process will eventually help in immediate feedback. With this option of diverse assessment options, students also develop the skill of working in several formats, including videos, podcasts, screencasts, etc.

Tracking Student Data

Another significant advantage of using LMS in classrooms for teachers is that they are able to track student data with ease. Teachers can track the data from student assessments along with attendance which can be possible with the help of learning management software, and this will eventually help in judging the progression in learning.

There are several students in the classroom, who need extra support across various subjects, and teachers can easily identify themselves. Also, students who are very talented across subjects can also be identified by the teachers. In this way, teachers are able to track the data of the students, and this eventually helps in better progression in classroom learning.

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