Increasing your libido as a woman with medication – is Lovegra for me? According to pharmaceutical research, about 20% of women in the sometimes have a low libido. This is not a physical condition. Numerous external factors can cause you to sometimes not feel like having sex. This is not strange at all and is more common in women than men. Read on to understand which libido-enhancing drugs suit you best, or how you can get along with female libido enhancers.

Possible causes of low libido after pregnancy or during menopause

Possible causes of a decreased libido in women can be roughly divided into 3 categories:

  • Hormonal
  • Psychological
  • Physical

Women experience strong hormonal changes every month during their period. Even after a pregnancy and during the menopause, everything in the body changes. Estrogen (libido increasing) and Progesterone (decreasing) play a major role in this. Therefore, women experience more reproductive urges around the ovulation period, when they have an estrogen spike.

Stress, emotions and relationships are examples of psychological causes that can make you feel less aroused as a woman. Feelings such as fear and sadness are anything but libido-enhancing. Physically, your sex belief can also be dented. Just think, the use of medication for conditions such as depression, diabetes or ADHD, unhealthy diet or excessive smoking and extreme alcohol consumption are also harmful in the long term.

Out of the box: how can you as a woman increase your libido with or without pills?

Do you find yourself attractive? It is essential that you have a positive sexual self-image. Communicate about this with the outside world. In addition, there are also plenty of options that make you feel better about yourself and develop a greater sex drive for yourself. Discover what you find exciting and have fun with your partner in the bedroom again! Try:

  • A day at the spa with hot baths and massages
  • Kegel exercises to train your pelvic floor muscles for a more intense feeling during the act
  • Porn videos and dirty talk
  • Sharing erotic literature or horny fantasies
  • Talk about it with a psychologist
  • Healthy food, supplements and possibly medicines

Do you see all of this as a far-from-your-bed show? Then express your feelings to your partner and see if you can work it out together. If none of this helps, then there are other resources you can use to battle low libido.

The best natural libido enhancers for women

You are what you eat. It may sound surprising, but healthy food also increases your appetite and thus stimulates the blood flow to your genitals. Fruit and vegetables by the way reduce your risk of anemia and give you more energy. Plant-based proteins keep your libido high. Whole grains contain zinc, which is converted into testosterone. More seeds, nuts, legumes and soy products, and less red meat. Eat spicy but less salty: red chili pepper promotes circulation, salt lowers your blood pressure (and therefore also the tension in bed).

Still don’t feel a difference? Then try a libido-enhancing supplement with arginine (this amino acid ensures blood circulation), ginseng or ginkgo biloba that will make you feel better. For some women it only gives a placebo effect, but this too can have a satisfactory result.

Lovegra for women: is it wise to increase your libido with pills?

The key question of this article: increase your libido as a woman with medication. That’s for men, isn’t it?

Not at all! Lovegra is just as good for women as Kamagra is for men. This one is made from the same substance called Sildenafil. This ingredient was originally widely used to treat strokes. For the female Viagra variant, scientists have refined the substances, which makes the blood flow to the vulva faster. This makes it excellently attuned to the female body. A well-known variant on the market is Lovegra, you can buy it online without a doctor’s prescription.

Be careful with it though; Reviews state that these pills may give you a slight headache, just like (men) Kamagra by the way. This pleasure pill is a plaster on the wound, but can be a temporary solution for some people. So it is worth considering and can be a wise choice as a solution to increase your libido.

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