Are Self-Cleaning Vacuums and Mops Worth It?


Not all people may consider vacuuming a necessary chore and leave home without it for a couple of days. Although there is no issue in leaving the place, you still have to do it anyway after some time. That’s when you would realize how big of trouble it has become, and you would have to spend hours restoring the actual health of your home’s environment. 

Luckily, robot vacuum cleaners and mops have saved this time with their optimal efficiency and performance-oriented nature. Even though they cannot beat upright vacuum counterparts, they can still be a fairly good cleaning assistant that works per the schedule. They can automatically start cleaning, and some can even empty their dust bags through the base stations. Other than that, below are some more convincing aspects as to why you should get a self-cleaning vacuum and mop.

What’s there to clean?

Before going ahead with your purchase, one of the important things is to figure out what you will be cleaning with it. Does your home have bare floors or carpeted ones? Is there any centrepiece with a thick shag rug in the living room? Will you let your kids make a mess on the carpet, or will there be a separate space for their arts and crafts?

Once you have answers to these questions, it will be easier to know which modern self-cleaning vacuum and mop you can go for. Models like iRobot Roomba 694, Viomi Alpha 3 and Roborock S4 Max are equipped with sensors to detect the type of surfaces automatically, i.e. carpeted, bare or whatever is there. 

Another incredible thing about these robot vacuums and mops is their ability to raise themselves to the medium-height threshold, making them ideal for working with various situations. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let them work on shag rugs because their roller brushes may damage their surface. The wheels cannot even drive on the rug, while the shag may block its sensors. 

Nature of Use

Having a good self-cleaning vacuum and mop with furry inhabitants is mandatory! You cannot always clean their hair or vacuum the areas multiple times. You cannot always make sure that there are no dander, hair and dust on the carpet when they are around. 

So, you should invest your time and effort in making the right selection. Instead of continuously finding pet hair, you must appoint a self-cleaning vacuum and mop to maintain a healthy environment. 

Time for Cleaning

One feature that makes robovacs and robomops different from traditional versions is their automated mechanism. They don’t need human involvement, ensuring that cleaning starts on time. However, you have to clean the space before the robot vacuum gets into action. For instance, you cannot let your kids’ toys, clothes, towels, etc., on the floor. This might affect its performance. 

In other words, you must do some pre-cleaning to ensure satisfactory results. The robot will start according to the schedule, and in the meantime, you can either focus on other chores or get some rest before moving ahead with other important tasks. 

Mobility Elements

Apart from being a usual thing for busy people, a self-cleaning vacuum and mop can also serve older people who don’t have enough energy to manoeuvre traditional vacuums. Its compact design, removable dustbin and light weight make handling quite easy and effortless. Moreover, they don’t need to bend on their knees to change the dust bags. Self-emptying vacuums can dispose of waste on their own. Their base stations are responsible for handling the whole process- just like Viomi Alpha 3 and iRobot Roomba i3+. They don’t ask for human help as their in-built mechanism directs them to what they should do. 

Wrapping Up

After the above discussion, it should be easy for you to answer whether a self-cleaning vacuum and mop is a good purchase or not. There are many more reasons why you should upgrade to them. It’s just about doing some research and finding the right facts. Before selecting a brand and model, you can still take some time to ascertain your decision.

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