A dispensary is a business that sells medical marijuana. Dispensaries in Las Vegas are legal, but they’re certainly not something you’d want to order from your local corner store. Dispensaries are regulated by the state and licensed by it. 

Most dispensaries are franchise operations that grow their product or rely on licensed suppliers. They don’t sell anything but marijuana and don’t sell it to anyone under 21 years old. That’s the point of legal medical marijuana; to make the drug accessible to patients without getting them hooked. Anyone who is 21 or above with a medical prescription can legally purchase marijuana from a dispensary in Las Vegas.

Businesses that sell medical marijuana

They’re legal in Las Vegas and many other states but are not the same as medical marijuana dispensaries.

A dispensary is a storefront where people can buy or sell marijuana for medical use. A medical marijuana dispensary is simply the name given to these businesses when they open their doors on wheels to sell weed products to customers in your neighbourhood or nearby city blocks around town.

Where to get medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is legal in many states and countries but not everywhere. Some countries have made it illegal for medicinal use, while others have restricted its use to certain patients with severe conditions who can benefit from it. In Las Vegas, Medical Marijuana dispensaries are located in the Bay area, but they can be found on nearly every corner across the city and town.

Regulation of dispensaries

Cannabis dispensaries are regulated like other businesses and must be licensed by state laws. They can be registered with the state and inspected by state officials, but they must also meet specific requirements to operate legally.

Dispensaries need to be insured by a carrier approved by licensed insurers in their area of operation, which includes rules about how much coverage each dispensary can have on its premises at any given time.

A dispensary seller/salesperson

They are anyone who works for a dispensary in Las Vegas and is allowed by law to recommend or dispense marijuana.

Dispensary salespeople, also known as budtenders, sell medical marijuana to patients. Dispensary employees must be at least 21 years old and have no felony convictions. They can carry out the following activities:

  • Recommend cannabis products based on their knowledge of the patient’s condition and needs.
  • Sell medical marijuana products (without recommendation) to qualified patients.
  • Provide information about how different strains affect people with other conditions.
  • Assist customers with choosing products that are best suited for them.

Because there’s such a strict limit on how many licences can go to one company, most dispensaries operate under multiple store brands. You may see some of the same products at different locations. For example, visit the same dispensary twice during one day and order two other edibles or pre-rolls from them both times. They might have completely different labels printed on their packaging—even if they’re made from the same strain!

How do they operate?

They are allowed to sell marijuana to patients with a doctor’s prescription, and they can also sell it in many forms, including pills, oils, and edibles. Dispensaries in Las Vegas often have a coffee shop or bakery next door that sells baked goods made with cannabis oil.

You don’t need a prescription from your doctor to buy and use medical marijuana, but you do need an ID to visit one. If you’re 21 or older, you may be able to purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary. To find an authorised location, check out the map of  Las Vegas dispensaries.

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