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Caster roller wheel for scaffolding platform., Construction tools object.

What are caster wheels?

Caster wheels support and move objects in different directions and several environments. And the types of caster wheels on the market are countless.

Are you interested in caster wheels for your business? If so, you need to do some research before you buy them. In 2021, the market for caster wheels was estimated to be worth $7.8 billion.

There are numerous caster wheel varieties, but not all of them are created equal. See below for a list of common caster wheel types you can buy. Keep this list in mind as you shop.

1. Rigid Casters

Rigid wheels provide superior maneuverability and ease of operation. You can find rugged wheels made of various materials.

These are rubber, vinyl, and polyurethane. Rigid wheel construction allows the caster to support heavier loads and be durable in challenging environments. They form a single unit and mount directly to the appliance or furniture to move.

It allows them to be more dependable than other caster wheels. Some of the most common applications for rigid casters are in medical equipment, furniture, and care carts for elderly and disabled individuals.

If you’re searching for quality manufacturers and dealers of rigid wheel casters, check here where to buy Colson casters.

2. Brake Casters

Brake casters are caster wheels that strengthen an object’s security from being stationary or moving. They feature a locking mechanism that allows users to lock the wheel. And keep the caster stationary or lock the wheel to prevent the object from moving.

Consider brake casters an upgrade to standard caster wheels. They provide added safety, stability, and security to any moving or stationary load.

Brake casters offer a variety of advantages. They improve traction, maneuverability, smooth rolling, and shock absorption resistance.

3. Swivel Casters

Swivel casters are the most common type and offer the most flexibility, as they can rotate 360 degrees and provide an enhanced range of motion. Use these casters in various industrial applications and for home furnishings, such as furniture, shelves, and small appliances.

Swivel casters are especially beneficial for applications requiring excellent maneuverability and weight support. Swivel casters enable better access to tight spots and hard-to-reach areas and provide enhanced stability, making them an ideal choice for heavier objects such as tables and cabinets.

4. Total Lock Casters

Total Lock Casters have a unique design that allows for both swivel and wheel lock functions simultaneously. It will enable the wheel to be swiveled in either direction and then locked into place, preventing any movement of the caster wheel. This caster is an ideal solution for applications requiring maximum security and stability.

Engage the lock with a foot pedal connected to the wheel and secure it with a single step. It is ideal for applications that require precision alignments, such as hospital beds, elevated platform lifts, and even sensitive lab equipment.

Explore These Different Caster Wheels

Caster wheels are essential to many industries that require mobility. From rigid, brake, and swivel to total lock casters, there is a type to suit any job. Explore this caster wheel 101 with different styles to discover which works for your project.

Companies should evaluate the load weight, speed, frequent turns, and hardness before deciding which best caster wheel guides their specific needs. Contact an industry expert to determine the best caster wheel for your unique application.

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