About 54% of executives say that many people prefer watching videos to reading long text, meaning video SEO has many benefits, such as increased watch time, more comprehensive brand awareness, and more sales or reads. Search engines Google or YouTube use users in their algorithms to rank videos on the same basis. The main goal is to provide users with the best possible experience, and YouTube video search has been simplified like Google search by combining results. we will tell you simple methods of rating YouTube videos; 1. Choose your keywords wisely 2. Include keywords in your video title 3. Include keywords in your video file 4. Optimize your description 5. Use video hashtags 6. Select a video category 7. Use eye-catching thumbnails 8. Add subtitles and closed captions 9. Buy YouTube Live stream Viewers 1. Choose your keywords wisely Working on search engines like YouTube is increasingly competitive; everyone is trying to reach a higher position, and staying in a particular position is imperative. If you’re not part of the competition, do some keyword research. Choose keywords that can bring you some volume. You can use the same kinds of keyword research tools as you would for PPC or SEO. For example
  • Free Word Stream Keyword Tool
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • Google Search – search suggestions, people also ask, related searches, and more!
  • Use keywords in the video title;
The first step should be to understand the search intent of your audience. The most basic ones are informational, navigational, transactional, etc. So aligning what your video is about with your customer’s intent will be essential to get your video visible in search results. Second, make sure you understand WHY you want to create a YouTube video and who your primary audience is. For example, use the product name in the video title and description if you want to showcase a product review. It sounds straightforward, but many YouTube channels skip this step, and their videos appear low in Google and YouTube search results.
2. Include keywords in the video file Very simple, but YouTube can use this as a ranking factor when showing your video in search results. If the file name you’re uploading includes your target keyword, your video will have a much better chance of ranking and getting more search volume. 3. Optimize your video description One of the crucial ranking factors that would rank your YouTube SEO is ensuring a reliable and optimized video description. Anytime you change or update any element of a YouTube video — including video descriptions, captions and closed captions, and video thumbnails — YouTube revaluates the video. The company can be good or bad. So it’s crucial to get it right the first time! 4. Use hashtags in the video On social media, you (#) hashtags are now used to help users for their assistance find content that answers their questions across platforms. You can add hashtags to YouTube video descriptions. 5. Select a video category If users are looking for a specific video with advanced options, they can select search and view videos from selected categories. When uploading a video, it’s important to contextualize it with categories to give the user a better chance of finding you. YouTube offers a variety of category options to choose from different platforms. With it, you should find a category suitable for your YouTube videos. You can select category options when recording a video.  6. Use an eye-catching thumbnail Audiences usually don’t play videos that already seem dull, so use an eye-catching and creative thumbnail to get more traffic. The thumbnails of the video can help or hinder your YouTube videos. They are the first thing that catches people’s attention when they look at YouTube search results. A muscular thumbnail can lead to higher watch times, which can significantly impact YouTube rankings. Create something that grabs people’s and viewers’ attention and stands out from the crowd to get your video noticed. Creating a custom and attractive thumbnail is the best way to see results – showing people what your video is about and how it will benefit them is the key to success. 7. Add subtitles or closed captions to your video Using Captions and Closed Captions is the Last Tip for YouTube Search Success. While video captions are designed to communicate video dialogue to viewers who don’t understand the language of the video, closed captions are for viewers who can’t hear the audio. Both subtitles and closed caption files contain the text of what is said in the video as a transcript. The file will also contain the time codes for each piece of text appearing in the video to match the speech or other visual elements. 8. Buy live YouTube views YouTube Live streams are a popular way to engage with fans worldwide in real-time, building brand loyalty and a sense of community with your hard-earned audience. With live streaming, you can answer viewer questions and comments as they are posted and discuss recent experiences and events with your fans. Also, share various live activities, including live gaming, live news, live music, Q&A, live ASMR, and live sports reviews. You can build a live-streaming audience by purchasing live-streaming views on YouTube. The more live viewers you have, the more likely you are to attract attention and engagement from organic viewers, increasing your video rankings and strengthening your channel. Moreover, you should buy YouTube live stream views to have a better experience of YouTube channel monetization. To Sum Up, The most important key element to keep in mind while doing these things is the importance of SEO. SEO better known as search engine optimization helps you too bring traffic also known as viewers in the YouTube community. Use catchy phrases and main keywords in the title of your beginning as well as use low generated keywords if you were a smaller you tuber and when compared to those who have a larger subricibing family then you they shall I believe be using medium or high generated keywords,

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