Why Should You Use Solpaid To Automate Your Paypal Order Tracking Sync?


If there’s only one thing that PayPal is trying to improve on every day, it is certainly the ability to tighten its policies and terms to keep its customers protected at all times. To do that, this popular payment platform often requires its registered merchants to upload shipment tracking information to PayPal. This move by PayPal is designed to ensure that a merchant indeed shipped its customers’ orders (and on time) before processing their funds (payment for the products or services purchased).

As important as this PayPal order tracking sync process is, you should never forget the fact that this process can be time-consuming. Besides, you need to be very careful and put in a lot of effort when manually uploading the shipment tracking details to Paypal to avoid costly errors. But why exactly go manual with this entire process when you can always automate the process with an app like Solpaid?

Can Solpaid help you get the most out of your order tracking sync with PayPal?

Today, it’s still unfortunate that most merchants that use the PayPal payment option for their business still go manual with certain operations, such as uploading shipment tracking. No doubt, manually uploading these details is effective, but it also comes with the following issues:

●     It wastes time

First, for you to manually upload shipment tracking to PayPal, you need enough time. Instead of wasting a lot of time on this process, why not consider using the automated approach instead? If you’re considering the automated approach, Solpaid is one of the best services we advise you to go for. This app will help you save a lot of time, which you can use for something more productive.

●     You might make mistakes

Another drawback associated with the manual upload of shipment tracking info to PayPal is that it often leads to mistakes. You’ll only get the most out of your PayPal order tracking sync if you correctly upload the necessary information at the right time.

Unfortunately, when you manually upload this information, you may end up making costly errors when inputting the necessary details. Another mistake many people often make is to upload the wrong tracking information. Unfortunately, these mistakes may result in chargebacks and disputes, as PayPal will only support the customer since you have no genuine proof to provide.

Benefits of Solpaid for merchants

1.   Merchant protection

One benefit of using Solpaid to automate the process of uploading your shipment tracking is that it helps to keep sellers like you protected from fraud and chargebacks. Here’s exactly how this automation process works with Solpaid:

By integrating this service with your PayPal merchant account, and then linking it up with your online store, Solpaid can automatically start syncing the order tracking information for every single order (order tracking number & shipping carrier) that is paid for using PayPal. With this number, PayPal will be able to automatically send a shipment tracking notification message to your customers so that they can track their purchases. With this information, PayPal will be able to trust you quickly and help resolve all disputes and chargebacks against you by making you eligible for their Seller Protection program (see more about that here).

2.   Fewer or no disputes & chargebacks

Except for actual fraud, it’s rare to encounter issues like disputes and chargebacks with your customers when you do the right thing. With Solpaid, you’ll automatically upload shipment tracking information to PayPal in a timely fashion and avoid costly errors that could trigger these issues.

3.   Access your funds quickly

By using Solpaid to automatically fix your PayPal order tracking sync, you’ll be able to improve your PayPal Merchant Record. The better your merchant record, the quicker you’ll get to access your funds.

Are you ready to get started with Solpaid? If yes, you can visit the official website to learn more about how this service can auto-magically and accurately help you execute your PayPal order tracking sync processes.

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