Why Mobile Movie Nights Are So Popular


Summer has arrived and it’s Play Day on Broadway! It’s time to fire up the grill and ignite the fire pit for fabulous evenings of outdoor entertainment. Now that popular films have become more readily available, a mobile movie theater presents an excellent opportunity to host an outdoor event at your place! 

Because cheap projection systems typically display images on a blow-up screen that sways in a light breeze, churches, businesses, and neighborhoods are securing the professional services of a professional videowall company like Broadway Mobile Billboards for their watch parties. WOW your family, friends, and guests by transformig your parking lot, cul-de-sac, or lawn into an wonderful outdoor theater that features a huge 6’ x 12’ LED screen and an awesome concert-quality sound system. 

It’s easy

The event planners at Saint Louis Mobile Movie Nights furnish the tools. You simply provide the DVD, popcorn, snacks, and beverages! Just tell them where, when, and what movie you want to see. They do the rest! The event organizers at Saint Louis Mobile Cinema Nights arrive with a self-contained LED movie screen and concert-quality sound system, which can be set up in less than 30 minutes. To make your event shine, their graphics department can even create an optional pre-movie slideshow that displays your messages, images, or promotional creatives.Promoting the products or services of your generous sponsors is the perfect way to say Thank You! 

It’s outside! 

Personal space is important to people in the post-COVID-19 world! Many have been cooped-up too long and are seeking the freedom of an outdoor escape! What if it rains, you ask? Not to worry! Except for severe conditions, an outdoor LED screen is weatherproof and audio can be delivered via an FM transmitter. If necessary or preferred, your Mobile Movie Night can be delivered in a Drive-In Movie format, which allows your guests to watch the film from the comfort of their cars!

Mobile Movie Nights extend sponsorship opportunities for companies seeking new low-cost ways to connect and interact with their communities. Since sponsors will often absorb a portion or all of the cost, Cinema Nights turn your venue into a lively entertainment showplace that benefits everyone! For larger events, restaurants or food trucks can participate as vendors. In addition, organizations can set up informational booths or hand out goodie bags. 

Perfect family bonding activity

Because so many youngsters spend so much time on their digital devices, parents are eager to spend time with their children. Many are scheduling time each week to watch TV programs or movies as a family. It’s an opportunity to engage more with them and learn about their worldviews. While TV nights are a terrific way to connect, there is no better way to get the whole family and a group of friends or neighbors involved than a collaborative effort for a thrilling or inspirational movie night picnic. Everyone, even the kids, can participate by preparing an assortment of delicious snacks, dessert items, popcorn, beverages, etc. Mobile LED movie nights set the stage for an amazing evening of some genuine device-free fellowship!

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