You might have heard several “dating fail” stories or read articles about terrible dates and bad break-ups. Many of these stories are quite amusing but you might end up finding them relatable because most men have a few bad dates. Some guys have a record of constant bad dates while some make a progress and succeed in finding love. But going on a few dates isn’t enough to have a lasting relationship. The two of you may fall in love, get married, and start living together. However, soon arguments begin and you feel your wife is getting distant. And now you wonder what went wrong and how to fix it!

In many relationships, men make some classic mistakes even without realizing that can lead to failure with women. Once the honeymoon phase is over, couples realize that happily ever after isn’t that easy. Getting married and keeping a marriage are two different things. Men get into a relationship without realizing that marriage takes a lot of work and patience. And due to this reason, many couples get divorced within the first five years of marriage. So, why does it happen?

Reasons Why Men Fail at Relationships

Some men struggle to get a girlfriend, while some fail to keep a wife. The simple reason for this problem is that most men don’t really know what a woman wants. Failing to understand your partner leads to a failed marriage. In addition to this, there are some more reasons why men fail women. Some issues might be out of your control but most are mistakes that can be corrected. From being disrespectful to downright possessive, here are some common why men fail in relationships. Avoiding these mistakes can help you prevent break-ups, divorce, and separation.

1. Toxic Masculinity

Don’t fall for articles telling you that women like bad boys. The problem is men that this phrase in the wrong way. The real meaning here is that women like confident, Alpha male who takes charge. So, don’t believe those telling you that being the nice guy won’t get you the girl. Women admire nice men who show that they really care. Being kind, polite, and decent is the right way to keep a girl. In a marriage, things go wrong when men start showing their toxic masculinity. Over-dominance and controlling decision-making can create troubles. So, if you have made this mistake, show your wife that you respect her.

2. Under-Communication 

The majority of men don’t talk much and don’t share what’s going on in their minds. This is a big mistake because communication is the foundation of a strong relationship. If you don’t tell her what’s going on in your life and how you feel, she would think you’re either not interested or didn’t trust her. So, if you’re wondering how to get back into a relationship with your ex, start talking. Tell her how you feel, your insecurities, and your problems. Make her feel a significant part of your life, a partner you can trust.

3. Not Sharing Family Responsibilities

When in a relationship, men start taking their partner for granted. Also, men tend to avoid household responsibilities that could create disputes. This especially happens when both husband-and-wife work and have limited time for other tasks. While men relax after work, women need to do other household chores. When she gets too burdened, you start feeling ignored and frustrated. So, don’t let this issue strain your relationship. Share responsibilities like partners and discuss family matters. If she is cooking, you can take care of the children and take out the trash.

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