Where to Find the Best Wood fired Pizza in Orlando, Florida


Is there anything more magical than enjoying amazing pizza with crackling firewood in a fairy-tale-like cabin surrounded by pine and moss? Between 2023 and 2027, the market for commercial wood-fired pizza ovens is anticipated to increase by $12.12 million.

No other food warms our hearts quite like wood fired pizza. Maybe that’s why Orlando has a range of incredible pizza spots to knock your socks off.

With your taste buds in mind, we’ve chosen below the must-eats you can’t miss out on. Keep reading to find out where the best wood fired pizza in Orlando is hiding.

Flippers Pizzeria

Flippers Pizzeria in Windermere is renowned for having the best wood fired pizza restaurant in the area. Its family-run business has been providing residents with excellent pizza since 1987. If you’ve been searching for the “best wood fired pizza near me,” check here to ensure a delicious pizza experience for everyone.

They make pizza dough fresh daily. The chefs at Flippers use fresh ingredients and top-notch cheese blends for every pizza. They use fresh-cut produce, hand-picked spices, all-natural meats, and vegetables roasted in-house to top their pizzas.

The pizzas are authentic Italian pies, handmade and baked in an oak-fired oven. As if their pizza wasn’t enough, Flippers also has a great selection of Italian classics and handmade calzones. It also consists of a full bar and a wine list featuring organic and biodynamic wines.

Pizza Bruno

Pizza Bruno is on Curry Ford Road. It offers from its signature wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizzas to the traditional Margherita cooked to perfection. They made their dough using only the finest milled Italian flour and fermented it for 48 hours. They cooked it in red oak fired at about 900 degrees Fahrenheit resulting in a crispy crust and a deliciously charred flavor.

The pizza crust is perfectly thin and charred. And the topping options include classic favorites like mozzarella, blueberries, fontina, and bacon. Also, it comprises some unique ingredients like barrel-aged maple syrup and guanciale.

From the moment you step into Pizza Bruno, prepare for an unforgettable pizza experience. With its commitment to quality ingredients, beloved recipes, and laid-back setting, Pizza Bruno is the ideal place for pizza lovers in Orlando, Florida!

Lazy Moon

Lazy Moon in Mills 50, and favorite amongst the University of Central Florida students, is one of the best wood-fired pizzas in Orlando, Florida. It’s just off University Boulevard for students to grab a bite before, after, or between classes.

Not to mention they offer a very popular specialty pizza called the Boxcar Willy Special. It’s a taste that you won’t find anywhere else! The toppings are all cooked to perfection, giving the pizza an amazing flavor.

Their pizzas are especially known for their massive 30-inch crust stacked with delicious toppings. These pizzas result in a magnificent combination of crispy yet doughy outer crust while remaining chewy on the inside.

Brick & Fire Pizza

Brick & Fire Pizza makes its delicious pizza with the freshest, highest quality ingredients and an authentic wood-burning oven. They specialize in pizzas made with a red brew from Orlando Brewing blended with New York-style pies.

The pizzas are always cooked perfectly with a crisp and flavorful crust. The menu has a variety of choices, from plain cheese to the most modern, like buffalo chicken pizza.

Brick & Fire Pizza is currently offering a special deal of 15% off any item for medical professionals and first responders. This act of kindness is a small token of their appreciation for their tireless and selfless efforts in fighting covid-19. At South Orange Avenue, look for Brick & Fire Pizza which offers quality and delicious food that is sure to impress.

Antonella’s Pizzeria

Antonella’s Pizzeria in Winter Park offers warm and authentic pizza flavors you can’t get from an ordinary oven. They conduct heat throughout the chamber evenly and within minutes, ensuring the creation of the perfect pizza.

Antonella’s Pizzeria takes the classic slices of New York-style pizza to the next level. They carefully crafted delicious stromboli and calzones with the freshest and highest quality ingredients. It allows for top-of-line flavors that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Orlando.

They offer the option of creating your pizza, letting you choose from a wide range of toppings. With Antonella’s Pizzeria, you’ll get an outstanding slice of pizza at a competitive price.

Tartini Pizzeria & Spaghetteria

Tartini Pizzeria Spaghetteria is a great example of a rustic and fresh concept located in the renowned Belle Isle neighborhood. It offers a blend of unique toppings, a myriad of cheeses, and the perfect crust.

Perfectly achieved by a wood-fired oven has made Tartini’s calzones a favorite among Orlando locals and visitors alike. They offer unique Slovenian-style pies. Their doughy crust is packed with bold flavors.

Customers come far and wide to enjoy the unique flavor and texture of pies. These include Calabrese, Frutti Di Mare, and the classic Bianca white pizza. And to experience, the passion and craftsmanship put into every single pizza.

Not only is the pizza delicious but the Italian desserts are yet another reason why this pizzeria is so popular. The selection of Italian desserts includes rich-layered Tiramisu, Nutella cheesecake, and fried Zeppoles. With a divine combination of creamy textures and sweet tastes, these desserts will send your palate to heaven.

Pizzeria Del-Dio Italian Restaurant

Del-Dio originated in Brooklyn, NY, and was a favorite Canarsie neighborhood eatery for over 20 years. The opening of its new downtown Orlando location in February 2008 was welcomed by returning and new customers alike.

Their NY-style pizzas are particularly popular. They use premium Italian ingredients and make each pizza to order. From the classic pepperoni pizza to the Margherita pizza, there is something for everyone.

Del-Dio’s take pride in the special care they put into each recipe. It comes from the freshness of the natural, locally sourced tomatoes to the perfect combination of quality mozzarella cheese. Combining the natural ingredients with the brick oven yields a flavor that is second to none.

Consider The Best Wood Fired Pizza in Orlando, Florida

The best wood fired pizza in Orlando can be found at some of the city’s top spots. Whether you choose from Flippers Pizzeria, Pizza Bruno, Lazy Moon, Brick & Fire Pizza, Antonella’s Pizzeria, Tartini Pizzeria Spaghetteria, or Pizzeria Del-Dio Italian Restaurant, you cannot go wrong.

If you’re looking for the best Orlando wood fired pizza reviews, look no further. Try one for yourself today and find out why Orlando pizzerias are becoming the top destination for wood-fired pizza!

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