Roll out With WhatsApp New Features But Never Forget Whatsapp call recorder

whatsapp call recorder

My son demanded a new phone as soon as we got him one brand new one. Turned out that things were not working fine for him in terms of some apps and especially some instant messenger chat apps. The phone company was in between some lawsuits so apparently play store was not working for that company’s phone until the next order. My husband remembers his home country in the most crucial times so this was what happened with us. So in the end the father-son exchanged cellphones with each other. This would have been a fine thing in a normal situation but apparently for personal management reasons my husband was using the spy app on his cellphone. avoid delaware bpo calls scam. He discussed with me what to do with it and we leave it as it to use the app parental control. Yeh, that was a mere attempt to win the tug of war with the teenagers and we are winning.

  • Pew Research record says that roughly 39% of parents take help from parental control features to manage and control the online activities of their teenagers.

The OgyMogy spy app offer tons of features and my husband was using less than 10% for himself. But when we started using it as a parental control the app’s importance and advantages became double. We are especially enjoying some features like Whatsapp call recorder, Screenshots, Youtube streaming history,  and last but not least that GPS location tracking and other related features.

Here is how one can smartly incorporate the spying app features like Whatsapp call recorder into parenting life.

Whatsapp call recorder:

Whatsapp call recorder keeps a record of all the incoming and outgoing calls of the target person. It includes the phone book record of the audio and video calls. That means you can secretly know about all the WhatsApp activities of the kid without even letting them know. We were not even aware of some of the latest features and their drawbacks. For example, the OgyMogy WhatsApp call recorder notified about a group call that had more than 30 members.

It was insane and the worst thing was that it was a group call that had some adults as well. They were using vulgar language with the other members and it was a mess. Whatsapp call recorder feature that was meant to keep the record of business calls for my husband ended up opening the secrets of my kid’s life. There are also other WhatsApp spying app monitoring features besides the Whatsapp call recorder that can let the parents know about other WhatsApp activities like chatting details, contacts, media shared through the app, and more. 

Screen Shots

OgyMogy saves screenshots of the screen activities with timestamped information. That means you can check from time to time about the screen time and activities of your kid easily. The spy app also saves the recordings in short video form as well.  

Youtube Screen Recording Features:

Your tube screen recording features tell a lot about the streaming history, Youtube channel content of the target, and more.

GPS Location History:

Find out the real-time accurate location of the kid at any given time with the location tracking feature.

The OgyMogy features can be used in terms of cellphone monitoring as well as computer or laptop monitoring. The app offers a different version that includes Android, Mac, and Windows monitoring versions. You are free to get the monthly bundle or seasonal or yearly one as it is completely upon user choice. No need to worry about extra payment or hidden charges for advanced monitoring features as the spy app offers all the advanced and basic ones in every bundle. The user-friendly app is piece of cake for anyone who has basic knowledge of handling smart gadgets. Just choose your favourite bundle and install the app on the target device when you have physical access to it. It is different from malware as it can be installed and used remotely. In the case of the OgyMogy or any other spyware, the installation needs physical access to the target device. Once the installation step is done you can use the app and manage all the monitoring remotely without any hurdles.

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