What to Know About Same Day Pre Settlement Loans?

Pre Settlement Loans

If your settlement case is pending, you have to get the loans to cover your daily expenses in case of injury. But some people don’t prefer this option because they don’t want to wait for many money for many years. 

The plus point is that you may get pre settlement loan on the same day. For this, you have to find a reliable funding company. So, you may get the money when you need it. 

Why Same Day Pre Settlement Loans?

It takes time to resolve the settlement case. Most of the time, you have to wait for a long time for the final court decision. No matter what the case is. You have to wait for the money to cover different expenses. 

When you apply for the funding and get it on the same day, it means you have the chance to pay all your bills and cover other expenses. Make sure to get funds from the right company to avoid any risk. 

Commonly these funds are non-recourse loans. It means there is no security fee on the loan. So you don’t need to pay the loan fee in case of losing the case. When you win the case, you have to repay the additional fee and settlement cost. 

A reliable funding company always focuses on transparency and commitment. Not only this, the right company offers you an easy process to get money with lower interest rates. 

Advantages of a Pre-Settlement Loan

By having pre settlement loan, you not only cover the required expenses. You may also maximize the cost of personal damage settlement. 

When you get a settlement loan on the same day, it means you may get financial help to cover all your needs and expenses. 

In simple words, you don’t need to rely on the insurance company. Take the loan right now and improve your life until your case is pending. 

When you have the funds in your hands. Your lawyer will help you to proceed further in the case and cover all the damages, such as:

  • Medical costs
  • Lack of income
  • Lack of ability to earn money
  • Lack of enjoyment in life
  • Emotional injury
  • Pain and much more

By having pre-settlement money in hand, the victim may easily wait for the final court decision. Commonly the funding company charges you a 10-20% interest rate when you win the case. 


Though same-day pre-settlement funding may help you. But you need to consider the following factors:

  • First, you need to start the funding process before noon PST.
  • You also need to give all the necessary detail to the lawsuit.
  • You have to provide all the required information, such as the application.
  • You need to hire a lawyer to sign in an agreement. 

But for the same day pre settlement loans, visit stonewoodfunding.com. All these factors help you to become eligible for the loan on the same day. But the main issue arises when you don’t have a lawyer to help you. The reason for the lack of availability of a lawyer is the appointment of the lawyer with someone else. 

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