What To Ask Your Orthodontist Before Getting Braces?

What To Ask Your Orthodontist Before Getting Braces

Getting traditional metal braces to support your teeth requires a lot of planning and workaround. While the initial stages of the treatment can be daunting, you can’t deny the fact that getting to witness the perfect smile by the end of the treatment is a rewarding experience.

If you are considering getting your treatment from Smiles Orthodontic, there are certain factors that you have to pay close attention to. Ideally, you need to know about the list of questions that you should be asking your orthodontist.

To make the process easier on you, we have sorted all the details that you should ask before getting started with the braces procedure.

Experience of the orthodontist

Getting braces is something that will stay with you for a long period, so you want to ensure that everything is done the right way. The last thing that you want is to mess things up by working with an underqualified and inexperienced orthodontist. Hence, the first thing that you need to enquire about is the doctor’s experience and expertise. Where does their specialty lie? Once you are satisfied with the answers, you can proceed with the selected orthodontist.

Treatment options and suitability

When you are considering getting braces, you have to pay close attention to the treatment options available and the kind of suitability according to your needs. Beyond simply straightening teeth, braces can address bite problems and jaw misalignment. Ask the orthodontist to explain their diagnosis of your specific concerns and how braces will address them. Based on this, you should be able to determine what the ideal treatment route would be for you.

Treatment expectations

Once the course of the orthodontic treatment has been determined with the relevant doctor, the next thing that you have to focus on and prioritize is the treatment expectations. How long will the treatment take? What kind of precautions will one have to take? What kind of lifestyle changes will follow? These are just a few of the basic factors or expectations that you have to navigate through. Also, you need to know how you will navigate through the shortcomings and potential issues.

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Follow-up care

Orthodontic treatments require follow-up treatments and you need to pay close attention to them as well. You have to inquire about the frequency of the follow-up checkups and what you’d have to focus on when it comes to getting the follow-up appointments scheduled on time.

Costs involved

Last on the list of questions you need to ask your orthodontist is regarding the costs involved. Once you get an idea about the costs, it becomes a lot easier for you to manage the insurance coverage for the orthodontic treatment that you have to undergo. The office staff should be able to guide you better on this.

Having all these basic factors clarified is possibly the easiest way for you to navigate through the complications with ease. What we’d personally recommend you follow through is prioritizing being open and transparent with your orthodontist from the start.

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