SEO is an excellent tool to drive more customers, enhance conversion rate, and gain more profit. And keywords are crucial to rank higher in search engine optimization results. The higher the rank of your page or site higher will be the number of potential customers. The reason is that about 99 percent of the customers start their shopping process by searching for the product on various search engines such as Google. And 93 percent of them do not move away from the first page of the search results. Therefore it’s crucial to rank your page, site, brand, or product on the first page of search engines. 

For attaining more effective results in SEO it’s crucial to hands on a huge collection of target keywords. And for that purpose, the complete information about all types of keywords and their right use is essential which is a tough job. Therefore, often high-class entrepreneurs take the services of SEO New York specialists to tackle this hectic process of ranking on the first page of google or other search engines. 

Four essential types of keywords their way of using, and examples are listed here 

Length Based Keywords 

These types of keywords are selected on the base of the number of words to target specific searches of the customers. They are further divided into three categories

Short Tail  Keywords: these types of keywords usually comprise 2-3 words only and are highly competitive. They show a wide range of results but are less able to cause conversions. They are not specific. For example, SEO, HRM, and CRM are short-length keywords. 

Mid-Tail Keywords: as indicated from the name these types of keywords are usually greater in length than short-length keywords. For example CRM software, and digital business tools. They are less competitive but result in more conversions. 

Long Tail Keywords: in this type phrases are used as keywords to target more customers. They are less competitive, specific, and more targeted than short or mid-tail keywords. For example, CRM tools for engineering firms. 

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Intent-Based Keywords 

A collection of keywords that are designed or selected on the base of customers’ intent are usually referred to as intent-based keywords. And they are used to catch customers’ attention at every step of their search for buying a product. They are classified into the following groups 

Informational Keywords: these are questioning Keywords and are used to show the product’s information to the customers. Therefore, they help to catch customers’ attraction at the very first stage of their results. For example, why use payroll software? 

Navigational Keywords: after providing the information about the product the next step is to provide direction to the customer to know more about your product. Therefore, navigational keywords are added to the content.  They provide brand awareness to the customers 

Commercial Keywords: after taking awareness about a  brand the customers usually look for the price range of the product. And to drive customer interest in your product, commercial keywords such as “ The price of CRM tools” are essential to use at appropriate places.   

Transactional Keywords: these keywords are usually used to compare the prices of multiple brands for a single product. 

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Industry Specific Keywords 

To assist with the main products of a company, brand name, and other information about a particular object specific keywords are used to expand the reach of your target audience

Market Defining Keywords: these types of keywords exhibit the main goal of the company for what it is famous for.

Customer Defining Keywords: these types of keywords are used to show customers limited products. Or in simple terms, they provide information that a product is designed for what type of customers. They are gender specific for example “men’s shoe wear “ or “Gents watches” 

LSI Keywords 

LSI stands for latent semantic indexing.  These are just like helping keywords that are connected with the main keywords. And they help to deeply understand the content for ranking on top of the search engines. 

These are phrases or sentences that connect to the root keyword for creating higher density. It helps the search engines to recognize your page and categories it in a particular niche. And when the search engine is enabled to recognize your topic they automatically show your content in the top search results. 

Final Thought 

The use of keywords is not enough but the use of the right keywords in the right place is crucial to reap the desired results. They help to engage the customers at every stage of the selling process and generate more leads. And all of this results in more revenue growth and the development of the organization or brand.

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