Victoria Secret Karen Lawsuit: Analyzing the Legal Case and Its Societal Impact

Victoria Secret Karen Lawsuit

Victoria Secret Karen Lawsuit

In recent years, the term “Karen” has become synonymous with entitled and often racist behavior, and a recent lawsuit against Victoria Secret Karen Lawsuit has brought this phenomenon into the legal spotlight. The lawsuit, filed by a woman named Karen in California, alleges that she was discriminated against and mistreated by Victoria’s Secret employees because of her name. This case raises important questions about customer rights, discrimination, and the impact of viral internet culture on real-world interactions.

The Incident: A Recap

In 2021, a video showing a heated exchange between two women, Abigail Elphick and Ijeoma Ukenta, at a Victoria’s Secret outlet in New Jersey went viral. The video, posted by Ukenta, shows Elphick lunging at her and then having an emotional breakdown. The incident earned Elphick the internet moniker Victoria Secret Karen. People use Karen as a term to describe white women caught in public displays of entitlement or racism.

The Aftermath

Following the incident, Ukenta initiated a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise funds for legal action against Elphick, Victoria’s Secret, the mall, and its security company. She alleged that the security personnel were negligent and dismissive of her safety concerns. She claims they treated her, the victim, as an antagonist.

The Lawsuits

In July 2023, almost two years after the original incident, Ukenta filed a civil lawsuit against the aforementioned parties. She has accused them of negligence. Not long after, Elphick filed a counter-lawsuit against Ukenta. The lawsuit claimed her mental and psychological conditions triggered her meltdown out of fear that the video could lead to her losing her job and housing.

Elphick’s Side of the Story

Elphick’s legal has argued that she is disabled. They stated she has a long history of medical and psychological conditions. Her legal team has stated that her actions were not based on race but due to her disabilities. They also claimed that the video violated Elphick’s right to privacy and led to her receiving numerous threatening calls, even as recent as April 2023.

Ukenta’s Arguments

Ukenta’s lawsuit argued that despite being assault victims, Victoria’s Secret and the mall’s security personnel dismissed her concerns and failed to offer her assistance or protection. Her attorneys argued that Ukenta had to film the incident as she was aware that, as a Black woman, she might not be believed if the police were called.

Online Reactions and Profiteering Allegations

Since the video went viral, Ukenta’s YouTube subscriber count has risen to over 26,000. Her GoFundMe campaign reportedly raised over $104,000. However, this led to criticism and allegations that she used the incident for fame and money. Elphick’s lawyers accused Ukenta of preying on individuals from behind a keyboard and inciting hate online.

Defending the Profits

Despite the criticism, Ukenta and her lawyer, Tracey Hinson, defended her right to profit from her own videos. Hinson emphasized that her client had a right to let the public know what happened to her, particularly after being deemed a liar by many in the community.

Elphick’s Condition

Tom Toronto, president of Bergen County’s United Way, which manages the residential complex where Elphick lives, spoke out in her defense. He confirmed that Elphick has a disorder and anxiety. He stated that these disorders led to her having a meltdown. The meltdown was then misinterpreted and blown out of proportion by the public.


The Victoria Secret Karen lawsuit serves as a reminder of the importance of treating all customers with respect and dignity, regardless of their name or any other characteristic. It also underscores the need for businesses to have clear policies in place to address discrimination and ensure that all customers feel welcome and valued. As this legal battle unfolds, it will be important for businesses to learn from this case and take steps to create a more inclusive and respectful customer experience.

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