One of the biggest responsibilities of a company and business is to ensure the smooth and quick deployment of payroll and proper tax filing.

Experienced payroll service providers have in-house payroll management systems that make payroll deployment quite easy and errorless.

Payroll solution providers need to take care of a lot of things and they include tax filing, payroll processing, maintaining compliance requirements of the government, salary pay out and a lot more.

In order to maintain these payroll management processes, they need to have some of the finest enterprise-grade software known as internal payroll management systems.  

However, every kind of business does payroll differently and that gives rise to the different payroll solutions for business enterprises.  Some solutions might be software oriented and others might be done manually.

Understanding the different types of payroll solutions might get confusing but we are here to clear everything out to help you understand all the different types of payroll services that are most commonly adopted by businesses.



This is usually a type of payroll service which constitutes having an entire separate payroll department.

This is usually most commonly seen for medium and large-scale businesses because it is often more cost-effective for them to have an internal payroll management system than hiring and outsourcing payroll.

The in-house payroll management system demands a lot of investment and time and also permanent employees.  These employees might work in unison with the accounts department.

However, in some cases, they might even work independently and their only job would be to deploy payroll and such an occurrence often takes place in large businesses.

By in-house we mean that everything from the enterprise-grade payroll software to anything else and every expense is paid by the company.


This kind of practice for payroll deployment is often seen with small businesses and medium businesses.

This is quite an old school of thought and practice and small businesses often hire and outsource their payroll to certified accountants and bookkeepers.

If the business is small then this might be a good option but if the business is of medium size with a lot of payroll deployment then they are might arise a few issues with this kind of approach.

The most common issue that arises with hiring a single individual, no matter how experienced he is, is that the public accountant might get overburdened by the workload.

Why this is the case?

This is simply because small businesses tend to hire one accountant and have them do everything from government compliance to tax filling and payroll deployment.

And with payroll comes issues that are related to human resources and often times these accountants might also have to work as the company’s HR.

What usually happens is that accountants step in hoping to do the job but as the businesses grow and as their responsibility increases, they resign halfway because the job is too much for them.


This kind of payroll deployment approach is most commonly seen in small and medium-sized businesses.

With the advent of technology and with the common availability and also affordability of enterprise-grade software, this is a solution that is becoming quite common.

This is also quite the trend now because companies and now opting for enterprise great software in order to successfully manage their payroll.

However, the over-dependence on software has its pitfalls and this is also not a perfect solution.

Payroll is quite a human thing because it involves humans as the payroll is being deployed to human employees and this also means that there might be issues that only humans can understand.

While payroll software can simply deploy the payroll but all the grievances and all the nuances cannot be maintained simply with the use of the software.

There is also the issue that is often less understood and that payroll service providers are not simply there to deploy payroll but they take care of a lot of things.

And one of the most important things that period companies take care of is tax filing.  Only an experienced payroll deployment company will know the proper tax filing procedures.

These companies also take care of other issues such as government regulatory and compliance issues to ensure that the company is always in the legally correct position.

This is impossible with software.


This is one of the best ways of ensuring that you do not spend too much on the payroll as a contemporary business.

While large and multinational companies can afford to have an entire payroll department but small and medium businesses can find this option the most helpful.

There are a lot of reputable payroll deployment companies out there that provide professional payroll services.

There are no issues about overburdening these companies as payroll is the only thing that they do and they are experts at.

These companies will assist the businesses and also take care of everything from tax filings to accounting duties as well as everything where money is involved.

They use a hybrid approach to payroll as they use both enterprise-grade softwares as well as payroll experts and accountants in order to do payroll.

They also ensure government compliance whenever necessary and their accuracy in payroll is next to none.

As a small business owner, this is probably the best option for them as they simply do not need to worry about payroll deployment and can have a successful payroll deployment at the fraction of the cost of having an in-house pedal department.

These were the different types of payroll deployment options and approaches used by different types of contemporary businesses and all of them might have their pose and cons.

It totally depends on the type of business and their type of requirement.

Therefore, you must choose your kind of payroll deployment wisely so that the payroll deployment can benefit your company instead of simply becoming another thing to worry about.

If you are wanting to choose the very best payroll deployment option for a small and medium-sized business then here are the options you can have.

If you are an IT company then you can opt for the in-house software-based approach but then again it has its limitations as it does not do anything other than giving out pay slips.

You might want to hire an accountant and have him do everything related to payroll but with business growth, this kind of approach might not be the best option for you.

The best option however for you would be to hire a professional payroll outsourcing company in india that knows exactly what they do at the fraction of the cost of having an in-house payroll department.

This is exactly where we come in.

We are DMM Facility Management Pvt Ltd and we have one of the finest payroll services out there so that no matter the size of your business we can accommodate all your payroll and tax requirements and much more.

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