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In the detail discuss how to apply in OLX. First of all You have create his  account and search a best job which have you need that after finding contact us on this ads you like. you have introduction and I have your number on OLX  then all the discussion you have better satisficed achieve their goal Our bespoke classifieds portals are some of the strongest brands in our markets, which primarily constitute the MENA, South Asia and Southeast Asia regions.

Our flagship ventures are  in the UAE, Zaman in Pakistan, OLX in Pakistan and Egypt, Lamoid in Indonesia, Philippines and Mexico, Mutawa in North Africa, and Kailee in Thailand portals are known for being the go-to classifieds platforms in their markets, which means the amount of traffic they receive is most often second to none. The 217 million monthly visits across our portals are a testament to our users’ trust and a source of unparalleled value to advertisers. With a team of 6,750 people across 16 countries, EMPG is a melting pot of cultures and competencies brought together with the singular aim of creating the best classifieds experience in the world. Our people know how to stay curious, unlock their potential along with that of their teams, and become catalysts for success.


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Stockpots is a brand new startup News company writing about the stock market, It is best and big platform Which have provided all jobs you interest. if you have achieve aim best way to run skills if you have skills every Company , Restaurant , club and other which expert on this. On the same have finding jobs easily .the company is looking for a bright and experienced News Writer to join a vibrant startup. This is a new permanent position.In the new permanent job role The Financial Content Writer will be expected to write, edit and review content for a range of companies in the Stock Market. The News Writer will be comfortable writing about all industries, specifically equities.

Key skills and experiences:
• Work with other Editors in the team in generating quality content to post on the companies website
• Excellent writing and editing skills with the ability to deliver to tight deadlines
• Provide assistance the Team
Job Responsibilities
• Write 5 News articles (500 words per article) per day, Monday – Friday
• Consistent content creation
• Ability to meet deadlines and cover breaking news stories
• Pitch and create exclusive content for news storie
Skills Required:

• Proficiency in written English
Previous writing experience
• Excellent researching skills as we have a zero tolerance on plagiarism.
If we feel that you will make a great addition to the company, we will be in touch. If you are excited to create articles for the company’s news website please apply and we look forward to working with you.
Superior research and written skills are important for this role. The successful candidate should also have excellent organisational skills. Prior experience as a news writer is very advantageous but candidates from other backgrounds will be considered for this role.

(3 ) Amazon
We support more than one million employees around the world who are innovating and working to serve customers in our global fulfillment centers, retail locations, data centers, corporate offices, tech hubs, and headquarters in the Puget Sound region of Washington state and Arlington, Virginia.
How Amazon holds meetings is different from what you’ll see at other companies. Unlike other companies, opinions and ideas involved in making business decisions are documented. The size of these documents is usually about six pages. These documents drive a lot of clarity when resourceful information is to be discussed.. Employees at the meeting sit for at least 30 minutes to read these documents and then discuss. During this discussion, points are drawn out from each page and evaluated properly before moving on to the next. This way, employees with contributions and questions don’t have to wait till the end of the discussion – when they might have forgotten what they had to say.


This culture frowns against the use of PowerPoint, as it ruins the flow and clarity of meetings. They also prefer having employees spend more time on strengthening their claims than throwing up designs and styles that add no value to the meeting. Amazon uses its two pizza rule to stimulate agility in its corporate culture. This rule stipulates that each team must be small enough to be fed with two pizzas. This notion came to play during the formation of its technical teams, as they needed to maintain easy communication to prevent information loss.
However, this logic is now applied across all departments in Amazon to increase productivity. Team members feel a lot more significant and accountable in smaller teams than with larger teams that are difficult to that
( How to apply it

Applying Amazon’s work culture at your company is only possible if you adhere to their leadership principles. Here are 12 leadership principles Amazon’s employees refer to every day:

Encourage employees to act like owners by taking up responsibilities and make decisions in favour of the company.
2.Are right, a lot
Leaders are rarely wrong. Get employees to build their self-confidence and follow their instincts. Encourage them to trust their instincts.
3.Learn and be curious
Leaders never stop learning. So, get your employees to acquire more skills and be more open-minded about learning new things for self-development.
4.Hire and develop the best
Hire highly talented employees and allow them to help each other grow. This way, they keep raising the bar at work and are challenged to do better at all times.
5.Insist on the highest standards
The high standards of the company must be met at all times. Employees must understand that they have a reputation to protect and not go below the standards they already set.
6.Think BIG

Encourage your employees to think outside the box. There should be no limits to their ideas and they should always look at the bigger picture.
7. Bias for action
Help employees understand the importance of risk calculation and how some irreversible actions should be avoided.
Make more with less. Employees should work within the budget and not expand the costs of establishing an idea.
9.Earn trust
Earn the trust of your employees by showing them that you have their best interest at heart. As a leader, listen when they speak and pay attention. Make your employees feel heard.
Amazon uses tenets to encourage individual decision-making in teams. These tenets act as principles that guide the decision-making process when each team member is faced with challenges. Each team gets a list of 5 tenets and has its charter explain how the tenets should impact their ideas and approach to certain tasks. Tenets help team members make trade-offs – choosing what matters most. So when they get to a point where there’s a clash in value, these tenets help them decide which they should reach for. The purpose of these tenets is to skip the long chains of seeking permission from employees at the managerial level.

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The site was founded in 2013 by a US-based company under the clarion call that everyone can now work and make money online. If you are already familiar with other micro job websites, then Pico workers might be a site worth considering.  It is free to join anyway, so after reading this review you may decide it’s worth a try. Let’s find out how everything works.
The process of creating an account with Pico workers is straightforward.  
You only need to provide your full name, email address and country of residence. You must also create a profile page by entering your nickname, profile page title and a short bio.  Your Pico workers account will be credited with a signup bonus worth $0.50 as soon as you verify your email address.

Cut down on the noise of repeat questions and give your company’s experts their time back. With Guru’s browser extension, your whole team will be on the same page with product  they can capture and access within their workflow. Create trust and confidence in your documentation. With Guru’s Verification, product information is always kept up to date and verified by the appropriate subject matter expert.

Give your customer-facing teams the confidence to answer questions quickly and accurately, with intelligently-suggested information delivered to them where they work. Now, they’ll never need to put conversations on hold to ask product and engineering teams for backup.

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