Top Browser To Switch to Now That Internet Explorer’s Finally Retiring


The iconic Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is ending its run and is being finally retired after years of service. Microsoft stated last year that it’ll be ending support for it and fans were quite sad since IE not only gave great service but some iconic memes too.

Microsoft launched MS Edge, an alternative to IE that it wanted people to use. Therefore putting down IE wasn’t surprising. Whatever the reason, not everyone wants to stick to one browser only, which is why here’s a compiled list of web browsers to go for. Wave browser is also getting popular. Before you start using it, you must check Is Wave Browser Safe?.

MS Edge

The successor of MS Internet Explorer, the MS Edge is a good option, to begin with when you’re looking for web browsers. Included in its list of amazing features, MS Edge offers a compiled list of discount coupons to the users that are shopping online.

In addition, it works smoothly, given your internet connection that both you much. For that, we recommend Windstream as it’ll offer the right internet speed and connectivity that will make working and using MS Edge seamless like never before.

Coming to MS Edge again, it allows users to optimize home pages and organize options as needed, which is quite convenient. Apart from that, MS Edge features the following amazing perks that one can consider:

  • Easily available on all Windows Supported devices
  • Safe browsing/ private browsing space
  • Save money on online shopping with price comparisons and discount coupons
  • Prevents tracking
  • Extensions are easily integrated

Considering the perks mentioned above, if you think MS Edge works for you, then you should go for it without second thoughts.

Google Chrome

When we speak trouble-free and easy surfing experience, Google Chrome is the web browser that pops up in our minds. The very reason why it’s one of the preferred options for many users is because of Google’s support and integration. It allows digital marketers to operate effectively abiding by the regulations of Google, which for the record, holds the maximum chunk of online traffic/ media.

Considering this, Chrome makes it easier to enjoy fast browsing as well as enjoy results offline by downloading them whenever the internet is available. Apart from that, it features the following perks that make it superb:

  • Incognito mode gives a safe surfing experience
  • Cross-platform and device syncing
  • Voice search
  • Integrated with Google
  • Safe surfing experience via warnings
  • Auto-translate text options
  • Enhance privacy

Google Chrome is surely one of the prioritized choices of many users, which is why it’s one of the recommended options too.


A good alternative to Google Chrome apart from MS Edge is Mozilla Firefox. Chrome is famous for consuming processing power and memory since it keeps working in online and offline modes to enhance performance.

Firefox understands this and has made it easier for the users to enjoy fast-speed internet without the expense of their device’s processing or memory power. One of the amazing features that it brings is protection from cookies, which minimizes tracking and keeps the surfing experience hidden for users that want to go completely incognito.

Apart from that, it features the following perks that one should consider:

  • Video pop-out option
  • Expanded dark mode
  • Unified search options
  • Fast browsing with low power consumption
  • New content every time you access a new tab
  • Enhanced security and privacy

Even though some users may argue about its performance against Chrome, it certainly packs some exciting features that one cannot ignore.


Opera is one of the renowned choices of users that have a lot of exposure to social media platforms. It’s also another tried and tested alternative to Chrome and gives an amazing browsing experience too.

For starters, you can enjoy speed dial with pop-up blocking features, which make browsing a little less annoying due to the absence of ads. In addition, private browsing works quite well on Opera and one can enjoy true trackless browsing.

In addition to this, it features the following additional perks that one can consider:

  • Cross-platform sync
  • Instant file transfer between devices
  • Built-in screenshot tool
  • Built-in ad blocker
  • Tracking is not a hassle anymore
  • Speed-dial

Opera is truly an amazing web browser that is packed with some compelling features, which make it one of the best choices users have so far. Based on preferences, you can surely opt for it especially when you need to switch between social media applications often.

Apple Safari

Bringing next-level privacy and security features, Apple Safari is another fast browser that you can opt for. Although it’s built for Apple products only (and given that other knockoffs are scam-ware) it’s still a good choice if you have an Apple product.

The powerful Nitro Engine makes it easier to enjoy outclass browsing experience. Moreover, it brings this amazing performance without stressing out your device. In addition to this, it also features the following amazing perks, which make it one of the best:

  • No need to filter through ads as it allows pulling important content from a site
  • The smart address suggests through searching experience
  • Safari extension and Nitro Engine make it superfast
  • Less power consumption
  • Enhanced browsing with enhanced privacy

Even though it’s limited to just Apple’s products, it’s still a power-efficient and fast internet browser that you can surely get for yourself.

Closing Thoughts

Following the removal of Internet Explorer, you can count on the abovementioned internet browsers that will cater to your needs perfectly. Make sure to evaluate their perks, cons, and features to understand which one will work according to your needs beforehand.

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