Tips To Choose The Right Kids Furniture


Kid’s rooms are the best when they combine both function and fun with perfect furniture that excites your child. However, finding furniture pieces that fit into this description can be an exhausting task. Choosing the furniture for your kids’ room can be one of the most difficult parts of your furniture journey if you do not know how to source the right ones. There are plenty of options for kid’s furniture online from Wakefit so it can be easy to get overwhelmed. But fret not! We have got the perfect guide and some top tips that can help all your furniture woes. Let’s take a look at some important points you can keep in mind while choosing furniture for your kid’s room.

But first, A Plan

Anything good starts with good planning. So it is important for you to understand how much space you have in your kid’s room, plan on what kid’s room furniture you want to buy  and allocate money for each one of them. It would be a good idea to plan at this stage what theme your child would like and how you can combine different elements that can match the theme. This plan will help you allocate a huge chunk of money to the furniture pieces that must be there in the room and then accommodate the smaller ones. An exciting theme that is derived in consultation with your kid will get them accustomed to the room easily. So draw that plan up first.

Prioritise Function

When it comes to choosing baby & kids furniture, choosing versatile ones will go a long way. One of the important things to remember is that kids grow fast. So there is every chance that they will grow out of furniture items too. For example, instead of investing a lot of money on a cradle, you could go for a crib that accommodates your child as they grow and can be expanded and eventually converted into a bed for your kid once they are old enough. Such versatile furniture is worth spending money on and will also stay with your kids longer. Therefore, explore plenty of options for versatility before spending your money. This will help you save space and some money in the future.

Do not Forget the Storage

Kids need plenty of space for storage. There are toys, clothes, books, games, puzzles and the list is endless. You need to have space to accommodate all of them so that your kid’s room is a disaster free zone for both yourself and the kid. You can choose to go wild and be as customised and creative as possible with them by combining the storing units or separating them. You can also go for storage that couples as furniture to save yourself from buying multiple furniture items. You can look for a kid’s bunk bed with storage so that you have the bed occupying less space while also acting as a storage unit.

Do not Compromise on Quality

Buying any furniture for kids should have safety as a priority. When you buy cribs and cradles online it is possible that there are some websites that do not provide the right information there. You might end up buying a heavily discounted one that does not have proper safety measures for the baby. Therefore, even if the furniture pieces cost a little extreme make sure that you are happy with the quality, that it is appropriate for your baby’s age, and weight and that it matches any other specifications it may list. Do not compromise on quality and safety when it comes to children as it can save you a lot of hassle in the future.

Choose Furniture that Grows

Yes! You read that right. One of the important aspects we forget about children is that they grow at a pace that is faster than you can imagine. This means they are going to grow out of the furniture at a much faster rate than you can think of. So that baby high chair you so lovingly bought for your baby may not be enough when they grow into a toddler. Think of furniture that comes with attachments or extensions so that you can use the piece for longer periods of time and also you do not have to spend money at every milestone to match the requirements of your baby.

Be Budget Conscious

When it comes to kids, it is so easy for parents to go over and above the set budget because we want only the best for our kids. However, we must also remember that if we spend a lot of money on furniture for aesthetic purposes or to fit into the theme, it is possible that we may not have that extra few hundred bucks when we find a nice bed with storage. Therefore, be wise and set aside a budget for each component, be it the kids curtains for bedroom so that you never have to compromise on the things that are important and the ones that will serve for a long time.

Consult the Kid

If you are designing a home for your kids, it is a good idea to involve your kids in the discussions. You can understand what they like and dislike and also get them excited about the new place so that the transition is easier and they already have a place they like. If it’s a small baby and you are trying to get a feeding chair, it’s a decision you can make for the kids. If they are toddlers and communicate their likes, involve them as much as possible and it is going to be their room anyways, let them choose what they like.

Your kid’s room is going to be the safe space they need to feel at home and for ideas to take shape. This is where they are going to spend most of their time at home and it is important that this feels special to them. Whether it is choosing a kids chair with tray or a bunk bed, make each decision after careful consideration so that it is easy for the kids to get accommodated to the place. A space that is safe can encourage kids to be themselves and also unleash their true selves. A kid’s room is not just their room, it is almost their home. Design them with care and do not forget to have fun too!

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