Tips to choose Matching artificial jewellery

Tips to choose Matching artificial jewellery

You should keep a few key points in mind when purchasing artificial jewellery for your saree, lehenga, salwar kameez, kurta, jeans, top, skirt, tunic, trousers, shorts, or any other clothing.

Artificial jewellery for Ladies with Round Faces:

Don’t buy heavy jewellery if you have a round face. Get the smallest nose rings if you enjoy wearing them; they will complement your face perfectly. That is fantastic if it is in a diamond. Similar to how short earrings are excellent, lengthy earrings will make your face appear rounder while short earrings will give the appearance of an oval face. Choose a v-shaped necklace for your face since round necklaces will make your face appear more round and a v-shaped necklace will give it an oval appearance. If your skin tone is fair, both golden and diamond artificial jewellery will look lovely on you; however, if it is dark, we advise against wearing an artificial gold-plated ethnic jewellery set because it gives off a cheap impression. You can also wear real or synthetic diamond jewellery.

Advice on artificial jewellery for Ladies with Dark Skin:

Ladies with dark skin tones need to be very careful while selecting artificial jewellery. They should wear very little jewellery unless it is extremely important, I would strongly urge. The greatest options for a light imitation jewellery set would be earrings, nose rings, and nose pins. They should always bear in mind that their main goal is to look beautiful and appealing, not merely to wear jewellery. While wearing more jewelry would just make them look outdated and less appealing, wearing a nose ring and earrings would make them look seductive and desirable.

Yet, ladies should wear more jewellery with their elaborate designer salwar kameez, lehenga, and saree. Since such heavy work, garments demand hefty jewelry to balance them.

Guidance on Jewelry for Ladies with Oval Face

For ladies with oval faces, there are many options accessible in terms of artificial jewellery, apparel, and fashion accessories. Oval-faced women can look good in practically any kind of ethnic necklace set, outfit, or accessory. Also, they can wear anything that a woman with a round face cannot. 

Wedding and party jewellery advice:

  • During weddings as well as other parties and events, the majority of Indian women like to dress in saree, choli, salwar, and ethnic wear. Hence, by wearing suitable artificial jewellery to match your attire, you can improve your appearance and make a statement.
  • I would suggest wearing heavy jewelry that matches the color of the saree, lehenga, sharara, or lancha if you are wearing an expensive, heavily-worked saree, lehenga, sharara, or lancha.
  • In addition to genuine gold and diamond jewelry sets, there are numerous attractive and lovely artificial jewellery sets that are offered on the market for a significantly lower price and yet appear gorgeous. 
  • Avoid wearing heavy artificial jewellery set when wearing a salwar kameez or kurta; instead, choose delicate jewellery that complements your outfit.

How to Choose Complementary Bangles:

One thing you should always keep in mind when picking bangles to wear with sarees is that the color of the bangles should always match the color of the saree, salwar kameez, kurti, lehenga choli, or whatever clothing you are wearing. Bangles with precious stones, diamonds, and other stunning stones should be worn with lehenga cholis, heavy work sarees, salwar kameez, and salwar suits.

You can choose bangles in complementary colors or a variety of colors to go with your shirts, kurtas, and tunics. Avoid wearing glass bracelets with tops, kurtis, and tunics; instead, go for bracelets made of metal, plastic, or any other sturdy material. A single thick bangle worn on one or both hands is likewise acceptable.

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Bracelets and Bangles for Western Clothing such as Jeans, Tops, Skirts, and Shorts

When we discuss casual clothing, items like jeans, tops, skirts, shorts, etc. immediately come to mind. We should bear in mind a few things when picking artificial jewellery and accessories to wear with such clothing. Simple glass bracelets are not recommended since they may make you appear dated when worn with skirts, shirts, and trousers. The ideal bangles to wear with western clothing are those made of materials other than glass. One wide, non-glassy bracelet looks more stylish on one hand than it does on the other.

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