This Is How to Get More Protein Each Day


An average woman needs around 46 grams of protein, while the average man needs 56, which shows how crucial it is.

Getting enough protein is essential for repairing muscles and regulating your digestive system. But, if you don’t get enough, you’ll end up feeling drained and potentially putting your health at risk. Maybe it’s that concern that brought you here; you’re struggling to get enough protein and are searching for advice.

Sounds like you? No worries, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to get more protein.

Switch to Greek Yogurt

An effective way of getting protein is by introducing Greek yogurt to your diet. Unlike regular varieties, Greek yogurt is packed with protein and instantly elevates any dish. For instance, instead of milk, slather your morning oats with this type of yogurt for an effective energy boost.

You should also be mindful of toppings as you can instantly boost your protein intake. You could, for example, sprinkle chia or sunflower seeds as they’re packed with protein too.

Snack on Nuts and Cheese

You needn’t learn the top cooking tips to get enough protein. In fact, you can nibble on protein-rich snacks to get your daily fix. You could, for example, enjoy several cubes of cheese during the day or keep a packet of trail mix near you at work.

Choose Larger Cuts of Meat

When you understand the importance of protein, you’ll add larger cuts of meat to your shopping cart. This includes steaks, chicken, and even lamb.

Also, if you’re unsure where to buy steaks, it’s wise to only buy from premium brands because you’re guaranteed quality.

Eat Canned Fish

It’s no surprise that one of the top protein-rich foods is fish. The beauty is that you needn’t spend a fortune on fresh fish, especially if you don’t eat it often. Instead, stock up your pantry with canned salmon or tuna for a quick lunch.

Enjoy Eggs for Breakfast

Want to start feeling energetic in the morning? Then, have eggs for breakfast.

You can either whip up an omelet or keep it simple with hard-boiled eggs with toast.

Choose High-Protein Veggies

Many people are surprised that they can get protein from veggies. Adding several to your meals gives you a high-protein, low-calorie option, which is great for people who want to lose weight. For instance, load up on green peas, broad beans, and mushrooms.

Add Carbs and Fat

Although it sounds counter-productive, carbs and fat maximize your protein intake. It also helps balance your blood sugar levels so you have extra energy throughout the day. So, instead of only having a banana for lunch, add nut butter with a side of deli turkey breast for a healthy, filling meal.

How to Get More Protein

Hopefully, you now know how to get more protein.

There are many ways to increase your protein intake, such as switching to Greek yogurt and whipping up an egg-based breakfast. You should also choose high-protein veggies and eat canned fish for a cheap alternative. Good luck!

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