The most common requests of men who date escorts


Calling the services of an escort is an option for an increasing number of men. These can be married or not, in relationships or not, younger or older, and from different social classes. Sometimes, men resort to escort services to explore their sexuality. In other situations, the lack of a relationship or lack of time preventing the game of seduction and sex causes these services. 

Professional escorts are simply stunning

The escorts are young, beautiful, and intelligent. For a wonderful experience, select an indian independent escort London. All you sexual dreams will come true. They are open girls in terms of sexuality and very willing to satisfy the desires and fantasies of their customers. Some escorts are requested to participate in business meetings. They are requested to go with their clients on holidays or business trips. 

In other cases, they are strictly requested for sexual purposes. Fantasies are required by many customers, which they cannot ask their partners. Men who are afraid not to be judged for the fantasies they ask are those who ask for the services of a luxury escort. The escort does not judge, has no preferences, and if it does not accept certain situations, it specifies this from the beginning. Regarding the fantasies that the escorts can fulfill, they include: 

Sex in three or threesomes 

This is one of the most common fantasies in men. Men who want to sleep with two escorts at the same time can request this service. Professional escorts will give them the opportunity to fulfill this dream and to be excited by two women at the same time. 


Men who want to “play” the teacher and the student, the master, and the housekeeper, or who want to try other role-playing games, with or without costumes, resort to the services of a luxury escort· 

Oral sex 

Oral sex is a very common sexual practice. There are several ways, but among them, the most requested is natural French, in which the practice is carried out without a condom. If you have never enjoyed good natural French, you do not know what you are missing. You can try it as a preliminary of an interesting sexual date or as the best happy ending for an erotic dream massage. You can be 100% sure that a professional escort will offer you the most amazing oral sex ever. Just try this type of experience and see how it goes. 

Anal sex 

It can be done in a wide variety of positions and, without a doubt, will make you enjoy it a lot. Including anal sex as a regular practice in your relationships will give you unmatched pleasure. It will open a world with new possibilities to enjoy the most intense and passionate sex. Anal sex is an experience that all men want to try. Yet, lots of them are to afraid to ask their partners to try it. So, it is much easier for them to hire an escort and make their fantasy come true. 

Beyond vaginal penetration, anal and oral penetration is among the most often requested services by luxury escorts. Employment of an escort can be based on the curiosity to practice anal or oral sex for the first time. 


There are escorts that offer this type of service to men who want to feel the mixture of pleasure and pain offered by BDSM. In conclusion, hiring a luxury escort is one of the best options for fulfilling the fantasies of married or single men. This practice is a very complex one. Therefore, a professional escort is required. This way, you can be sure that things will be as interesting as possible and not dangerous. 

Lady companion 

One of the most requested services of professional escorts is to act as company girls. It is more common than you think and undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Many men prefer a company lady for a business trip. Nothing is better than enjoying the company of a spectacular, beautiful, and interesting girl. 

It is also very common for the companion to appear at a meeting or a party with friends or family. In these cases, escorts usually offer your friend’s experience or GFE service, in which they pretend to be the ideal friend. Everyone will envy you to see you with a beautiful woman. Plus, you will spend a wonderful time in the company of a sexy, beautiful, charming and intelligent woman. 

Erotic massage 

In this top, an erotic massage could not be missing. There are many types of massages, but the most desirable, without a doubt, is the erotic massage. Erotic massage is a way in which both participants take care and massage erotically on the body. As in most erotic massages, different supplements, such as aromatic oils, can be used to improve sliding between bodies. 

Due to the highly erotic and sensual component, erotic massage is, without a doubt, the most desired escort service. It is ideal for a sexual date full of passion with some of the sexiest escorts. Look for a sexy and professional call girl and enjoy the most amazing erotic massage ever. We guarantee you that it will be unforgettable. 

How to choose an escort agency? 

Many business people are missing free time to request the services of escort agencies or specialized slut sites. However, when they require these services, they should be well-informed about escort agencies. There are many options you can choose from. Yet, it is important to choose a cheap or luxury escort site that will provide professional services and has specially trained women. 

Also, you have the option to choose an independent escort. Usually, these girls advertise themselves on the internet. Yet, it is very important to read the clients’ reviews as well. This way, you will be sure that the choice you make is the best. Take your time to look for a girl to your taste. Do not call the first girl you see. Scroll through as many profiles as possible and make your choice when you are sure what you want.

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