Many top players lost value in 2022. This was affected not only by their poor club performance, but also by the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. You can bet on club soccer at Betss.

The price of the following players has decreased:

  • Lukak;
  • Rushford;
  • De Vray;
  • Sancho;
  • Varan;
  • M. Llorente;
  • Griezmann;
  • Werner;
  • Depay;
  • En-Nesiri.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the players.

Romelu Lukaku

The scandalous Belgian Lukaku did not fit in at Chelsea, failed to get along with Thomas Tuchel and fell out of the club’s core. He returned to Inter in the summer. However, over six months he only played five games because of injuries. In Bet ss you can also bet on the EPL and Serie A. At the World Cup Romelu was remembered for his missed moments in the match against Croatia that cost Belgium out of the group. The result: -45 million and the current price is only 55 million.

Marcus Rashford

Rushford didn’t play much in the spring at MU. The club finished the championship in only 6th place without a chance at the Champions League. With the arrival of Eric Ten Haag he was back in the core, but he began to score only after the World Cup, the tournament itself was not bad: 3 goals in 5 games. But it’s not enough: the winger went down in price by 30 million and now costs 55 million.

Stephan de Wray

Inter’s Dutch centre back also lost 30 million, his value at the end of the year only 15 million. Reasons: age, less playing time, poor performance of the club in the first part of the season.

Jaydon Sancho

Sancho lost 25 million, his price is now 60 million. MU performed poorly and he missed the last games due to injury. The player did not go to the World Cup at all because he was late for training.

Raphael Waran

The MU defender missed a lot of games in the fall due to injuries. The club missed quite a lot of games with him in the squad. At the World Cup he made it to the final with the French national team. The player is now worth 40m instead of 65m.

Marcos Llorente

Atletico’s unsuccessful performance in La Liga and Spain at the World Cup influenced Llorente’s value. You can bet on Spain, Betss login. The cost of the universal is now only 35 million (-25 million).

Antoine Griezmann

Llorente’s problems also plagued Griezmann + age 31. Even the World Cup final did not fix the situation: the final price of 25 million (instead of 50 million).

Timo Werner

The German forward also lost 25m like Griezmann and is currently worth 25m. He moved to RB Leipzig in the summer after his Chelsea debacle, but missed the World Cup and many club games because of injuries. Login at Betss, and you can also bet on national team tournaments.

Memphis Depay

The Dutchman lost his place in Barcelona’s starting lineup when Robert Lewandowski came on board and was injured. He could have left the club in the summer but the sides failed to reach an agreement. As a result, he played only four matches in six months. World Cup performance did not help: Depay’s fee is now 20 million (instead of 45 million).

Youssouf En-Neciri

“Sevilla are failing in La Liga, with little play for the club and En Nesiri. Through the Moroccan national team unexpectedly took the 4th place, the final price of the forward is only 15 million (-25 million).

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