The CAT 3306 Engine Remains a Workhorse Today


While the CAT 3306 engine is no longer used in Caterpillar’s equipment today, it remains a workhorse in high demand. At one time, this engine was found in dozers, dump trucks, front-end loaders, and other machines made by the company. When changes were made in emissions technology approximately 25 years ago, the company chose to go a different route. However, this does not mean the engine is a relic hidden away somewhere. As it is so durable, many machines with this engine remain in operation today. How is this possible?

The Cat 3306 Engine

Back in the early 1970s, Caterpillar recognized it needed to upgrade its 1673 and 3160 engines, which lead to the development of the cat 3306. This engine was first seen in machines such as the CAT 225 hydraulic excavator, and users came to appreciate the engine for all it offered. While it didn’t provide extensive horsepower, the engine was extremely reliable and durable. It could take on tough jobs with ease, which led to the company using it in quite a few of its machines.

The one thing that remained consistent was the ability of this machine to take on tough jobs with ease. The engine was already ready to run when needed. The company did choose to streamline the engine over the years, replacing certain companies for improved performance. Users will say it only got better with time, which is why many people today choose to have their CAT 3306 engine repaired or rebuilt rather than replacing it.

The Manufacturer

Anyone familiar with the diesel engine industry knows the name Caterpillar. Nevertheless, many people outside of the industry have heard of it as well. Machines made by this company can be found on many construction sites today. The bright yellow color makes them easy to see even from a distance.

What many people do not know is these machines weren’t always the bright Hi-Way yellow they are today. It wasn’t until 1931 that the company moved from gray machines to this yellow. However, it took another 19 years before the company stopped using the name Caterpillar on the machines. In 1950, it opted to allow the name to be shortened to CAT. This change benefited the company, as it increased brand visibility literally and figuratively. Countless people today associate heavy equipment with this company, which has produced amazing products such as the CAT 3306 engine.

Never replace a CAT 3306 engine when it can be repaired or rebuilt. Doing so could lead to a decrease in performance and reliability. New doesn’t always mean better. An overhaul rebuild kit is one option that should be considered. With several rebuild kits to choose from today, finding the right one should not be difficult.

Work with a reputable provider and have the CAT 3306 engine up and running again quickly. When it is, you will have a workhorse that will continue moving for quite some time, which is what every company wants when it comes to its heavy equipment. This equipment saves them both time and money.

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