Stylish Centre Tables For Your Living Room


A living room is the life of a house, as it is where you relax after a day’s work, spend time with family, and entertain guests. It is the centre for all the indoor recreation. While designing this place, the sofa is one of the critical pieces of furniture and sets the tone. But a centre table to complement it is a must to make the sofa complete. When you start to look around to buy centre tables online, there are many options, and retailers like Wakefit offer many options, but which is the best? Here are some ideas for stylish centre tables.

What is a Centre Table?

It is a table that is in front of the sofa or in the middle of your living room seating area. It is a piece of furniture that is functional and practical and provides the perfect place to place your snacks and drinks or put your feet up while you relax. However, a centre table is not only functional, but there are many centre tables online that are aesthetically beautiful, adding style to the sofa set and the living room. It ties the entire space together and creates a sense of balance in the living room. It comes in many different sizes, shapes, and styles and can be made from many materials. Apart from the added convenience of having a table to place your items, it also comes with storage to help in organising the living room.

Things to Consider when Buying a Centre Table

Choose the right dimension: An ideal centre table provides ample space for placing your snacks or drinks and enough space for movement or stretching your leg. Here is a guide to picking the best size

  • The ideal distance between the sofa and the centre table is 18 inches.
  • The table height should be lower than or the same as that of the sofa
  • At least 2/3rd of the seating should fit a side of the table. If you plan to display memorabilia, there should be enough space to keep a laptop or at least a coffee cup.

Consider the shape: The shape of the sofa determines the shape of the centre table. If you have an L-shaped or rectangular sofa, then it is best to have a rectangle centre table so that the items on the table are easily accessible to everyone on the sofa.

Small sofas that have square seating need a small centre table. A square centre table or a round centre table is the ideal shape, as it can fit into small spaces.

If you want to add variety to the space, which is mostly made of rectangular or square-shaped furniture pieces, then opt for circular or oval tables.

Sense of style: The best choice for a centre table is the one that adds balance to the space with its patterns, colours, and textures. For instance, if you have a contemporary living room, geometric tables are a great choice. On the other hand, a traditional living room will be served well with a solid wood centre table, as it is more elegant and conventional. When it comes to style, opt for a slim sofa for matching imposing tables, or choose a metal centre table or a glass centre table for a more compact setup. Adding a glass centre table in a compact space gives the illusion of more space.

Consider the material: You can opt for a marble centre table if you want to make your living room timeless. If you want something affordable, then opt for an engineered wood centre table, as it is durable as well as inexpensive. You can also opt for metal frames and tempered glass if you want them to be more durable. When choosing a material, choose a table that is durable, easy to clean, and stable.

Storage options: Indeed, there is never enough storage space at home. So when you too have that feeling, opt for a centre table with storage to enhance the overall aesthetic of the room. It becomes easy to keep your living space clutter-free as you can keep your books, magazines, newspapers, etc. neatly organised.

Centre Table Designs

The centre table is also called a coffee table and comes in many designs and shapes to suit your preferences and style. Here are some popular centre table designs

  • Modern centre tables: These are designs that have simple shapes and clean lines. They have an uncluttered and clean appearance, which is ideal for spaces that have a modern design. They are often made of materials like metal, glass, or a combination of both.
    • Traditional centre tables: These are the perfect audition for a traditional living room. They have a timeless and classic design and come with many rich finishes and carvings. These are made of solid wood or engineered wood and come with intricate detailing.
    • Industrial style: These have a utilitarian design and have exposed hardware that gives an edgy look. They usually have metal frames with a combination of wood or glass tabletops.
    • Nesting tables: These are multipurpose centre tables. The design is a set of small tables that are stacked over each other or used individually. They are space-saving and versatile and come in eclectic designs.
    • Rustic chic: These have a weathered finish and are made of distressed wood. They are sturdy and robust and come with additional storage like shelves and drawers.
    • Contemporary: These centre table designs come in many materials and have artistic and playful designs. They come in many styles and unique shapes and look great in a contemporary living space. 
    • Mid-century: These are centre tables that are inspired by the mid-20th century and are usually made from solid wood. They have tapered legs, clean lines, and gentle angles, making them an excellent choice for those who appreciate exquisite curves.

To conclude, a centre table is a secret ingredient that can transform your ordinary-looking living room into a stylish one. It adds great functionality to the space while enhancing its aesthetics. With a variety of materials and designs available, you can choose the perfect match for your sofa and elevate your living room.

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