The Student Code of Conduct establishes standards of acceptable behavior for students. University student organizations are given fair and effective procedures to follow for defending student rights and dealing with misbehavior on the part of students.


Describes specific instances of student misconduct (whether academic or otherwise) that constitute an offense. There will be disciplinary measures taken against the individual or student group put in place disciplinary procedures. These procedures determine whether a student has disregarded. Whenever violations of the code are discovered, the proper sanctions are applied. The purpose of procedures is to guarantee consistency and fairness for all university students by resolving cases of student misconduct through its consistent application.


1. The university aims to develop a setting that encourages academic success. Integrity that supports the organization’s educational mission and is protective of free inquiry. 2. A community that respects people’s rights and opportunities is something that the university aims to foster, and welfare of visitors, faculty, staff, and students in an environment free from violence and threats Intimidation, and it supports the university community’s health and safety. 3. All students are expected by the university to conduct themselves in a morally and legally responsible manner as members of the academic community and to respect the rights of other students, faculty and staff members to use, take advantage of, and participate in University facilities. 4. To maintain community spirit and offer a cozy, secure environment,The University holds each member in trust for all students enrolled there. The community has to respect its constituents’ rights, privileges, and viewpoints. 5. Students and their organizations shall conduct their activities in a manner compatible with. The university’s dedication to preserving a stimulating intellectual and cultural environment that supports critical thinking, personal growth, and compliance with the UAE University Policies and Procedures and United Arab Emirates Law. 6. The University is committed to safeguarding its resources and practicing responsible stewardship. Its assets and resources from theft, harm, obliteration, or abuse. 7. The University is committed to settling disputes fairly and respectfully. 8. Any student behavior at or on university property is subject to the code organized by the university. The Code also covers off-campus student conduct. When the alleged behavior hurts a significant university interest and is either illegal under the law or suggests that the student may be doing something illegal. 9. A written grievance can be made against a student by any university community member. Or organization alleging transgressions of this Code or other University Policies regulations. 10. Any alleged violation of the student code of conduct may lead to action being taken by the university. The offending student(s) will be subject to disciplinary action. 11. There must be a disciplinary hearing before disciplining someone for misconduct, as specified in this Policy’s Procedures. Find out if American School in Sharjah is right fit for you

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Policies and Procedures (2) Code of Conduct for Students,

1. Student Behaviour Expectations.

Each student is expected to behave honorably, responsibly and following university policies.regulations, principles, and rules. The student must respect the rights of other students.the public, employees, and students. Anything a student does is forbidden and regarded as an infringement on the rights of others.

2. Disciplinary Procedures.

  1. A student who violates University rules, laws, or policies is considered to have broken them.
Traditions will be punished with this or another of the listed sanctions. There was a violation on the university campus or at activities the sponsored. University.
  1.  The relevant authorities shouldn’t hold a student accountable for performing If the University doesn’t start taking disciplinary action against them, it will be a criminal act. Before the criminal proceedings, the university may begin taking corrective action after them or, coincidentally, during procedures. If the student is found not guilty, disciplinary actions will not start unless there is proof of innocence supported by factual arguments that dispute the incident.
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3. Complaint submission.

  1. Every university community member is entitled to lodge a grievance or make a claim
without worrying about repercussions, voice his concerns.
  1.  According to a report Of Misconduct, the University accepts incident reports from any faculty member, employee, or student, a complaint against a University student for Alleged.
  1. All grievances must be submitted in writing.
  1.    No student shall file a complaint under these procedures, whether such complaint is upheld or not. Otherwise receives less favorable treatment from a UAEU employee than if the complaint still needed to be filed. The UAEU employee could be fired if negative evidence is discovered, subject to disciplinary action following university policies.
  1. Any individual mentioned in a complaint will be made aware of the claim complaint’s details and allowed to respond as part of the investigation. Only those involved in the complaint’s investigation can access the information.
  1.  Complaints must be filed immediately during or following the alleged incident. After the date of the complaint, there were significant delays. The University may decide not to look into any misconduct allegations if there is sufficient justification.

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