Split pdf Files for Free – 3 Best Ways


Adobe PDF Reader was introduced three decades ago with basic document features. However, its use and features have grown over time and technological growth. One of the requested circumstances is dividing a pdf file into smaller parts. Following are some of the options to assist if you are interested in how to split pdf files

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The top option to split pdf is EasePDF. It is a unifieduser interface with very simple-to-use features. The tool represents easy and quick services. You can use its more than 20 features strategically. However, one of its most requested features is the straightforward approach to how to split pdf.

EasePDF is completely free to use. It can split pdf without compromising its quality. There are three splitting modes and two merger mods to choose from. Furthermore, the platform is easily accessible on all smartphones, computers, and other devices.

You can integrateEasePDF with Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive to download and upload pdf files. There are no surprising advertisements, meaning you are less likely to get distracted and complete the work on time.

  • Choose Split PDF and Add Files
  • Upload the pdf document. The pages will be displayed on the interface. You can re-arrange, zoom, or rotate before choosing to split pdf.
  • Pick one of the two splitting modes. 
  • Use the All-Pages tab to select the pages you wish to split. Now click on Split PDF for the updated file.


PDF2Go is a diverse approach when learning how to split pdf. The features are limitless and immediately displayed on the home page for easier understanding. It offers a customized approach to split pdf and merging the file too. 

The updated files will be available to you in no time. Numerous split pdf modes on PDF2Go are Split into Equal parts or split the document into a few pages. There are multiple splitting modes to choose from to ease the user. In addition, there is also a user interface where you can preview the file before officially splitting it. You can re-arrange, add, or move pages during this stage to construct a comprehensive document.

PDF2Go is an innovative platform that allows the user to adjust the size. You can alter the dimensions to accommodate A3, A4 small and standard, and letter sizes.The adjusted size results in a personalized approach to split pdfs. However, remember to choose them before officially approving the document.

PDF2Go allows users to upload documents directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, or website addresses. The uploaded files to PDF2Go will disappear after a day. As a result, the sensitive information is not transferred to the wrong hands.


If you are searching to split pdf files for free, you must try 2pdf.com. It is a modern platform to work and manipulate pdf files to your liking. The creators have strategically combined the most requested tools associated with pdf files under one umbrella. The best part is you can experience them without paying. Here is how to split pdf files for free using 2pdf.com

  • Pick the split pdf file on the right handside. 
  • In the next userinterface, upload your file to split pdf using 2pdf.com.
  • Now place the dotted element where you wish to split the document.
  • Once happy with the decision, click “Split PDF” The option is available in red. 
  • Download the files onto your phone and computer. 

The Bottom Line

The three options mentioned above are credible options to split pdfs for personal and professional use on mobile phones, tablets, or personal computers. These platforms also offer hidden secret features not mentioned in the article. We guess you must visit them to discover what else they offer.

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