Some Top Bikini Types And Their Advantages?


Bikini types are important regarding the swimsuit you choose for your next beach day. Different styles, shapes, materials, and cuts can make things more complicated than you might think. By knowing the different bikini types, you can find a bathing suit that flatters your body type and allows you to feel confident in your swimwear. For your next vacation, you can choose from a variety of bathing suit styles. The majority of women think about bikini tops and bottoms, but skirts, topless suits, and tankinis are also options.

Unsurprisingly, finding sexy bikinis for women can be tough. There are a zillion and one different types out there. But don’t worry; we’re here to help! This post breaks down the styles of bathing suit bottoms by type, and what they offer so you can find your perfect match.

Top bikini types and their advantages

There are many top bikini types, from halter tops to triangles to bandeau styles. Choosing one that will flatter your figure and give you the support you need for optimum comfort is important.


This type of bikini top will give you the support of a bra with the coverage of a tank top. Tankinis are great for the gal who doesn’t want to bare too much skin but still wants to feel covered and supported. Tankini tops have removable straps, so you can decide how much cleavage you want to show.

Advantage: Tankini swimming suits are great for the gal who does not want to show too much skin. Tankini tops are in many different styles and can be worn with different bottoms.

Halter bikini top

The halter bikini top is ideal for women who want to show off their toned shoulders or back without sacrificing support. With this suit, you don’t have to worry about falling out because the halter top keeps you in place.

Advantage: The halter bikini top offers a sleek look and is best for those who want to show off their backs or toned arms.

Triangle bikini top

The triangle bikini top is a flattering, supportive style. This top will give you great coverage on the sides and back while allowing you to show off your assets. You can also wear two triangles together or separately for different effects.

Advantage: This style is perfect for you if you are looking for great back and side support. It offers great side and back coverage that won’t inhibit your movement or swimming ability.


This bikini top is one of the rarer styles that many women love. The bold shapes add some fullness to the bust and backside while showing off your beauty throughout. Like most other suit tops, a brazier top can be worn as a triangle or halter. They have an extra layer of fabric in the front that helps with support.

Advantage: The brazier bikini top offers support in all the right places. This style is perfect for women who want more coverage but also want to show off their assets.

Bandeau top

Bandeau tops are great for women who don’t want to worry about any straps and want a top that will keep them covered. Bandeaus are perfect for water sports and other activities where straps can get in your way. The bandeau style comes with or without an underwire, so you can choose what works best.

Advantage: This is the perfect style for the girl who wants to keep it simple and free of distractions. You can choose from various colours, fabrics, prints, and cuts to create the perfect look for your body.

Dolphin tail/U-back

Dolphin tail and U-backs are swimsuit styles designed to give you a great rear view while keeping everything covered up. These bikini tops have straps that go under the arms and wrap around the chest, holding everything in place.

Advantage: This is a great style for women who want to show off their backsides without revealing too much. U-back and dolphin tail tops are perfect for swimmers of all levels.


You can move your arms freely without worrying about the straps coming loose with racerback tops because they have straps that attach around the neck, criss-cross in the back, and cross at the neck. This type of fitting is great for athletic women who want support from their bikini tops but also want freedom in their arms.

Advantage: This style is perfect for women who want to move and be active without worrying about their suits coming loose. Racerback tops are great for water sports and offer much support when you want them.

High waisted bikini

The high-waisted bikini is a great choice for women who want to show off their assets in style. This type of suit hugs your body, giving support for your rear end and the appearance that you don’t have to worry about covering too much up.

Advantage: Women who want to feel sexy and confident while not damaging their bodies will love this style. This style is great for women who want to show off their assets but are slightly overweight.

High neck bikini

The high-neck bikini top is ideal for women who want to keep their swimsuits as low in the back as possible. This style is ideal for swimmers of all levels because it gives you support without restricting your movement.

Advantage: This style is ideal for women who want to feel fabulous and confident while keeping everything covered up.


The plunge bikini bottom gives you that all-over coverage you need for a day in the sun. The bottoms are designed with a v-cut around the back and hip area for full coverage. The backs have plunge cutouts to hint at what’s under there.

Advantage: This is the perfect style of top for women who want to look confident and feel secure while being discreet at the same time. The plunge bottom is great for bare skin without feeling too exposed.

Multi-string bikini

These bikini bottoms are more daring than the typical string bikini. This style has strings that wrap around the hips and back for a slimming, busty look. The front of the top is also cut a little higher to give you more cleavage without showing too much skin.

Advantage: Whether you’re going topless in this style or covering yourself up, you can be confident that this style will provide ample coverage and support without falling off your body.


Finding the perfect swimsuit doesn’t have to be a chore. Mix-and-match styles that work best for you can be fun and exciting. The different top styles allow you to customise your suit, so you can choose your favourite colours, cuts, and shapes for a look that fits your body type.

Which type of bikini top is best for you depends on your body type and what you’re willing to give up to feel perfect. The styles on this list are perfect for those who want basic coverage and support but still want the ability to show off their assets. They will keep everything in place but also allow freedom in moving and swimming.

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