Silicone and Glass Bongs: What are the Differences?


Smoking out of a glass bong is often the preferred choice for cannabis users, but sometimes gravity gets the best of us. Watching your favorite piece shatter into pieces can be heartbreaking, and replacing it can be costly. To avoid this situation, many smokers are now turning to silicone bongs and dab rigs as an alternative.

Silicone pieces come with several advantages, making them especially ideal for travelers and clumsy stoners who may break their glass pieces often. Silicone offers more flexibility and strength against breaking, so you don’t have to worry about shattering your prized possession every time you take a hit!

For those looking for the perfect piece or curious about what differences there are between glass vs. silicone bongs and rigs, G2vape is an excellent online headshop with a great selection of both. Stop the cycle of breaking your glass pieces and check out G2vape’s offerings! You won’t regret it.

What is a Silicone Bong?

Silicone is an incredibly durable man-made polymer, composed of silicon and oxygen, which can be molded into almost any shape or color. As a representative of G2vape explained, “Silicone is practically unbreakable; drive a car over it or hold a torch to it – nothing will happen.”

Silicone is non-toxic and heat-resistant, making it perfect for use with smoking pipes and bongs. You can even find silicone baking sheets and oven molds! With all these benefits, what other advantages do silicone bongs have over glass ones?

How Much are Silicone Bongs?

Glass pipes, rigs, and bongs are usually priced based on how long it takes to create them. The more complex, larger and more colorful glass pieces will take longer to make and thus they cost more. On the other hand, silicone smoke-ware is much less expensive since size and color options are limited. While one can find a wide range of colors with glass products, the selection of silicone pipes is currently quite limited.

Travel-Friendly of Silicone Bongs

Given the fragility of glass pipes and rigs, it’s no wonder that many smokers embraced silicone as an alternative. With its indestructible nature and ability to fit into a coat pocket, silicone bubblers are ideal for those who like to explore the outdoors.

“Traveling with a silicone bong is much safer and easier than transporting glass,” said an expert from G2vape. Whether you’re planning a road trip or an outdoor adventure, silicone pipes and bubblers offer unparalleled convenience and portability. For these reasons, they have become incredibly popular among discerning smokers.

Ease of Use

Silicone is an ideal choice for pipes, dab rigs, and nectar collectors due to its non-stick properties. It’s cleaning significantly easier than with other materials.Silicone is lightweight, flexible, and durable.

For easy maintenance, you can simply throw your silicone pipe in the dishwasher. All these benefits, Silicone concentrate pipes are a great option for anyone looking for convenience and ease of use.

When is Glass Superior to Silicone?

Glass is an ideal material for experimentation and creative embellishment. The most comprehensive online headshop offerings typically feature many more glass pieces than their silicone counterparts; 

Triple-percolator bongs with a three-pinch ice catcher sculpted as dragons, rockets, and more. Silicone options remain limited in comparison, but this trend is sure to evolve over time.

Non-Silicone Parts

There are many incorporate silicone components such as down-stems and bowl-pieces. Some silicone bongs are even designed with features like glass or silicone percolators for added convenience. However, the general consensus is that “built-in percolators of a glass bong are more effective than anything made out of silicone,” according to a G2vape representative.

Some qualities may be lost when opting for an opaque material such as silicone since it does not allow users to see their smoke clearly; something that can be done with clear glass. 

Therefore, if one desires smaller hits and the ability to see their smoke in its entirety, they may want to consider using a clear glass device instead of a silicone one.

Personal Preference

If you’re known for dropping your bong before even hitting the munchies, then a silicone bong is the way to go. If taking a few rip-roaring bong hits at the summit of a mountain peak is up your alley, then again, silicone would be an ideal choice.

If given the chance, many people tend to return to glass pieces when it comes to smoking their favorite products. No matter which option you choose – a silicone bong, a glass rig or something in between – there’s really no wrong way of enjoying it.

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