It is always preferred to have water that is just the right temperature for a bath. After taking a bath, if the water from the shower or pipe is at the ideal temperature, it can invigorate you and leave you feeling renewed. This perfect balancing of temperature is carried out by one of the electronic components called the Thermostatic Mixing Valve. It ensures that the temperature of the water is maintained as per the requirement of the user. It is good to know how this controller works when the service is required and who can give you the best service for this service.

Understanding the Way it Works

This smart device makes the perfect mix of hot and cold water providing you the water having temperature of your choice. The sensor inside it will control the flow of both hot water from the heater and the cold water from the external pipe so as to make the temperature as per the requirement. 

When the temperature in the outlet pipe increases, more cold water is allowed to flow to control the temperature. If the temperature goes down to a certain level, more hot water is allowed to flow, thereby controlling the temperature.

A specially made chamber inside the valve mixes the hot and cold water in the right proportion. The system is programmed to allow very few or no temperature variations from the user’s preferred value.

This sensor ensures that the water that is coming out of the chamber is safe, especially for children and elderly people. It ensures you don’t get burned by the high-temperature water or get a shock from the cold water.

These sensors ensure that the bath taken by you is being enjoyed and you are in the comfort zone, causing no injuries or shock.

Where is it Commonly Used?

In addition to being used in our homes to control the temperature, it is also used commercially. In industries where water of a particular temperature is required, these sensors are used. The sensor is highly calibrated to produce very minimal error and work with maximum efficiency.

This sensor is used in hospitals, where the water temperature must be controlled so that patients can use it.

It is commonly used in schools to ensure that students are using safe water for various purposes. It is also used in hotels to provide the best comfort by providing safe water.

When to Inspect and Service?

The sensor is efficient if the water at the outlet is at the required temperature level. When the level of temperature varies over a period of time, then it requires an inspection to identify the issue. It is also essential to have routine maintenance of the system to ensure that there are no foreign particles present in the mixing chamber of the valve. 

A periodically maintained valve can produce the best result and can work efficiently for many years. Improper maintenance may lead to damage to the sophisticated electronic components inside the valve, causing costly repairs or replacement of the system. Getting the system serviced by an expert group with professional expertise and experience in handling such electronic components is essential.

These sensors are like guardians, controlling the temperature of the water and thereby ensuring no injury to the user. They are very reliable and work with maximum efficiency in carrying out routine maintenance. 

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