Safeguarding Kids from Harmful Online Entertainment


We live in the era of technology, and what is surprising is that it has not just bound adults. but the kids are also trapped in the vicious cycle of the internet. There is no denying the fact that it has proven to be the savior in many things. 

Life without it would be unbearable to even think. The way it has greatly helped in assisting kids in doing their work. It has made their work incredibly easy and provides a great deal of comprehensive content. Moreover, their contribution is not limited to this only. Kids are now provided with loads of entertainment stuff too. 

And it really is commendable. But everything comes at a price. Nothing is free. With the never-ceasing pool of entertainment. Since we have gotten our hands on Foxtel Go Overseas, there are tons of educational shows and stuff to give you an ideal source of knowledge and fun. On the other hand, too much streaming has some dark side too. If we don’t pay attention, then have the ability to spoil our children and manipulate them. 

Being a parent in today’s world is not easy for the same matter. As now parents don’t just have to keep an eye on their children and worry about their outdoor activities. Like if they are safe in the street. But now the danger that lies inside poses more harm than the outer world. 

Since after the coronavirus, the spike seen in the usage of mobile phones and tablets among children is nowhere to be seen declining soon. It has not only affected the routines but also indulged kids in some activities that can land them in hot water. 

Being a parent, it is your duty to protect your kid from falling prey to it. But how could you do so? Here we have discussed it below. 

Parental Control

The first and foremost thing to do is, to put parental control. This is the absolute best way to satisfy yourself that your child is not indulging in any activity that can harm him in any way. By parental control, you can block all the age-restricted sites and content that you think your child should never encounter.

Because ultimately these kinds of entertainment can seriously affect the mental health of your child. 

Monitor your Children’s Activities

If you are still restless after putting parental control on some suspicious websites then there is another way. But it will require a little extra effort from your side. Monitor the activities of your kid. Watch what he sees on his device, and what kind of games he plays. How often does he use the device? 

If you find it hard to do, then know that there is software available that is specially designed to serve this purpose. 

Spread Awareness

There is nothing to hesitate about if you have given your child access to conduct online activities and streaming. Then they should also be well aware of the boundary lines. Confront them and give them knowledge about all the good and bad of using streaming platforms and online activities. 

Also, teach them to not respond to any suspicious text or tap on any mysterious link. It can get them in trouble as there are intruders everywhere. Who are just seeking opportunities to exploit. 

Do not share Information

It is vital to teach your kids that sharing personal information with anyone online is extremely dangerous. Teach them how to behave online. And do not ever share their sensitive information with any stranger, not even with their friends.

There are numerous cases where the hackers disguise themselves and steal the identity of your children. These sorts of scams and fraudulent events are happening frequently. And this is all because kids are innocent. They are easy targets.

Start Socializing 

Even the seven-year-old kid is now using social media. Hard to believe but it’s time for millennial parents to buckle up and start getting social. Because to check up on your kid, it is the only way. Make your account first, where your kid wants or is about to open their account. 

Learn how to use it. Add your kid and his friends. Observe their activities and see how they behave online. If you find any suspicious person added in their friends. Then ask them away and clear the fog. 

Beware of Scams 

It is essential to teach your kids that online activities are dangerous and it is a place where you really have to stay alert. If anyone, whether their game buddies or any stranger sends you a URL do not click it. They are curious by nature and this thing can itch them to discover what they should refrain from. 

Wrapping Up 

Lastly, it doesn’t mean that your child should never have access to online entertainment. This is never the case, it is the need of time and one should always take advantage of it. But it’s up to parents how they want their kids to use it and make it a safe place for them. 

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