Preventative Maintenance for Semi Trucks: What You Need to Know


Do you have a Semi Truck? Are you looking for maintenance tips for it? Then, you’ve come to the right place.

Trucks are one of the most important parts of our lives. Many manufacturers rely on trucks to keep their businesses operating.

For that reason, truck operators need to invest in semi-truck preventative maintenance.

If you’re in charge of a semi-truck and aren’t sure where to start, we can help. This helpful guide will teach you what to know about semi truck maintenance and how to keep your truck safe on the road.

Check Your Brakes

Start by inspecting the brake pads and calipers for any wear and tear. If there is excessive wear on the pads, you should replace them. You should also inspect the brake lines for leaks and look for any other signs of damage.

Next, inspect the drums for any rust or corrosion and any hydraulic system leaks. If a hydraulic leak is present, the brake system should be serviced.

Changing the Fluids

Changing the fluids is one of the most basic and essential maintenance tasks. First, check the owner’s manual for specific recommendations regarding types and viscosities of fluid for the engine, transmission, and differential.

Drain out the old fluid and replace it with new. Always recycle the removed fluid. Never discard it in the environment. All rubber or plastic hoses and seals should be inspected for cracks and properly replaced if needed. F

Check Your Air Filters

Check for obvious signs of clogged air filters, such as irregular engine performance, black smoke from the exhaust, or poor fuel economy. If the air filters appear clogged, replace them with new ones.

These can be found at any auto parts store or mechanics shop. Make sure to dispose of the old air filters properly. The filters must be carefully cleaned and inspected before reinstalling them.

Inspect Your Tires

Preventative vehicle maintenance for semi-trucks is important to ensure that the truck remains reliable and operational. A key part of this maintenance is the inspection of the tires.

It’s important to inspect your tires for any wear and regular tear, as well as for any leaks. If you are not confident in your abilities or are unsure of how to inspect your tires correctly, then you should take advantage of a mobile truck tire service.

These services are available around the country, and they can come to you to inspect the tires and, if needed, replace them with a new set.

The Best Preventative Maintenance Tips

Overall, preventative maintenance for semi-trucks is necessary to keep them running and performing optimally. Regular check-ups and inspections, including oil changes and tire rotations, will help prevent major breakdowns, ensuring that semi-trucks can hit the road and serve as an essential part of the commercial transportation industry.

For more information on preventative maintenance and keeping your semi-truck running efficiently, look for an experienced mechanic today!

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