Premises Liability Accidents: The 6 Most Common Cases


If you’ve been injured on someone else’s property, and determine that negligence or illegal behavior on the premises owner’s behalf is to blame, you may have grounds for a premises liability accident case. While these cases are not black and white, they have a long history, and this history can be used to help you gain a settlement that will assist you in recovering post-accident. There are six types of premises liability cases, in particular, that are frequently contested in courtrooms across the country:

1. Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents have always been a staple of premises liability. When people think of premises liability cases, they frequently think of slip and fall accidents in particular. These cases can lead to big payouts, especially if the premises’ owner acts egregiously. Since slip and fall accidents can lead to some serious, and hard-to-recover-from injuries, you’ll need an ample settlement to both pay your medical bills and keep you financially afloat as you recover from injuries. Property owners have a responsibility to keep their spaces free from a trip and slip hazards, and when they fail to do so, they need to be held legally and financially responsible for their action’s consequences. A qualified premises liability accident lawyer will help guide you through this difficult time.

2. Maintenance Negligence Accidents

If you own a property, you’ll know that keeping that property clean, safe, and hazard-free is no simple task. As business owners, people have to be especially aware of the maintenance needs that will keep their property safe for everyone who uses it. When negligent behavior leads to improper (or a lack of) maintenance, injuries can occur due to these poor conditions. Poorly kept-up steps, for example, could lead to a person falling and harming themselves. No matter what your accident’s origin may be, you deserve to have a lawyer that will fight for you after you’ve been injured due to a maintenance negligence accident.

3. Obstruction Accidents

Obstructions exist all over many properties. When it comes to commercial properties, the number of obstructions that might be present increases significantly. If these obstructions (such as signs or walkway obstructions) cause injury to you, it’s likely because they are hanging in an unsafe location (and hard to see). While complex, these cases can lead to large settlements in some cases. Speaking to a premises liability accident lawyer can help you determine whether your case is worth bringing forth or not. To be safe, you should always check with a legal rep if you’re concerned that you’ve become the victim of a crime, or if you believe you’re entitled to financial compensation.

4. Dog Bite Accidents

While not nearly as common as you might think, dog bite and attack accidents are still a reality. When a person is harmed by another person’s dog, they can bring legal action against the dog’s owner (especially in cases where severe or irreversible injuries are sustained from the accident). Dogs are not always to blame in these accidents, but the situation that leads to a potential dog bite accident may be determined to be the dog’s owner’s fault. This becomes another case where knowing your chances for a settlement is important before you make any major decisions surrounding bringing a lawsuit forward, however.

5. Lax Security Accidents

When someone owns a large property, especially if they host a business on that property, they need to ensure they have the security needed to keep everyone on that property safe. Especially when it comes to malls or other massive properties, security is needed to protect people from theft, accidents, physical injuries, and sexual assault. If a lack of required security is a major factor in an injury you sustain or is partially responsible for you becoming a victim of a crime, you can bring a suit against the property’s owner. These suits can often lead to large settlement payouts as well.

6. Swimming Pool Accidents

Especially in the summer, people love to enjoy a relaxing afternoon out by the pool. However, due to the nature of pools, these pieces of property are known for being dangerous. If lax maintenance or improper signage is an issue on the property a pool is located on, the chances of injuries become much higher. Whether you’ve been injured at a private pool or a public pool, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries if something sketchy helped to lead to you being injured poolside. Be safe every time you go to the pool, even if it seems completely well-maintained, and you’ll be much less likely to become a victim of such an accident.

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