Nowadays people especially boys like to ride on bikes.  If you also like to travel on a bike, then there are some such beautiful or shaping things in India too. Interestingly, Ladakh is not the only destination for bike trips in India.  Rather, there are many such destinations for bike riding in India, which you must experience once. If you also want to enjoy riding a bike and are thinking of traveling, then definitely read this article, in which we will tell you about some beautiful places in India, where you will enjoy riding a bike.

1.Bangalore To Kannur

If you are a bike lover or live near Bangalore then you must enjoy this Bangalore to Kunnur road trip.  The journey from the urban area of ​​Bangalore to Kannur in Kerala, situated in the lap of nature, gives you a memorable experience. The road from Bangalore to Kannur is spectacular as you will find many beautiful lakes and waterfalls on the way here.  Apart from this, during this road trip, you can also taste many types of delicious food found in the restaurants falling on the way.

2.Shimla To Spiti Valley

Shimla to Spiti Valley Tour by motorbike takes the bikers through many beautiful tourist spots and valleys of Himachal Pradesh.  It is a great experience to see the lush green landscapes of Shimla and drive through the snowy mountains to Spiti.  You are delighted to, see waterfalls, rivers, snow-capped mountains and narrow roads and herds of sheep falling on the way of this journey.  Let us tell you that the road leading from Shimla to Spiti Valley is very narrow, so travelling by bike on this road is not free from danger.  If you are planning to go on this trip then drive carefully as the sudden curves on this road can land you in trouble.

3.Bhalukpong To Tawang

Biking from Bhalukpong Tawang takes you through the beautiful views of the states located in the North-East of India you want to enjoy a good bike trip in India, then you must go for biking between Bhalukpong to Tawang located in the Indian state of Arual Pradesh. Beautiful views of nature, flora and fauna can be seen on the way from Bhalukpong to Tawang Road trip.

4.Manali to Leh

The most popular bike destination i.e. Leh…all bikers must agree to this.  When you bike from Manali to Leh, a distance of about 426 km, it feels like you are travelling to heaven. In this you will have to walk on the NH 3 highway, this road from Manali to Jispa, Searchu and then to Leh will give you a memorable trip.  But yes, during this time you may also have to face sudden uphill roads and low temperatures.  But on this route, you will get a chance to eat typical Tibetan food.


The bike route from Mumbai to Goa is about 850 km long.  Mumbaikars often use this route to celebrate their weekend. This route is also good because, on the side of the road, you will get to see the view of the sea.  Along with this, you will also see black rocks on the other side, with which riding a bike will be an unforgettable moment for you. This is the best places to visit in goa on bike  also you can go goa in March.

6.Kodaikanal to Cochin

You must have seen the beauty of Kerala many times on Google itself.  People come from far and wide to see its beach and backwaters.  But this state also has a bike route which is quite famous among the people. This route is from Cochin to Southern Ghats i.e. Kodaikanal.  Throughout this route you will see rubber and tea plantations which you might not have seen till now and you will get to see an unforgettable view. You will also get to see a lot of wild life in this entire way.  In this journey you will pass through Munnar.  After this the bikers will proceed towards Ooty and during this they will also get a chance to ride a motorcycle at an altitude of 2000 meters.


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