Phone charms: The Revival of Unsung Heroes in 2020-22


Hey, beauties! We are here to navigate the overwhelming stuff of phone charms online India. Whenever we think about these tiny little accessories, the first thing that strikes our mind is their function. There are a lot of girls who think the same way as you, doesn’t it seem like it’s necessary to have phone charms? Well, the answer is quite simple. It depends on your choice- if you are someone who loves to show off their dapper side. It is a yes for sure! It is one of the trendiest accessories that has returned to Y2k fashion with a bang. 

Many Hollywood celebrities and Instagrammers like Dupa Lipa, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and BlackPink members are dangling this cute phone attachment. According to them, it has gone hand in hand since the Nokia brick phone. A courtesy brand like String Ting and Trove (Aussie Label) has reemerged this tiny thing in 2021. 

The modern phone charm doesn’t entirely skimp on practicality. It acts like a wristlet to hold your phone 100x easier. Making hands free helps to carry couch bags or handbags while outing. With its bold colors and shapes, it is more than just Hello Kitty and Playboy bunnies. It is easily recognizable inside a big tote bag, even if it has a lot of stuff inside.

You might be thinking about when this 2000s era will end. It’s hard to forget that the phone charms era bounces back because it’s filled with sartorial moments. 

Many renowned designers and luxe brands are dealing in phone straps these days. As mentioned above, String Ting produces limited-edition handmade beaded items that are hot favorites of Hollywood celebs. Gucci has also sparkled the brand hubs with cute blinging Gucci straps. 

With the recent hike, phone case manufacturers have also started providing extra space for hanging these tiny blings. The phone case business has seen tremendous growth in these recent years due to market demand. Searches show that little charms are highly searched on Google another name that popped up was phone straps which are up by 647% and 1248%. 

Nowadays, the smartphone is not just a connection hub, it is a boon to uplift our moods. It’s no wonder why these charms caught everyone’s attention. It is because the lockdown period was tough, and we wanted a ray of hope that everything will be alright. With the color therapy of mobile charms, negative thinking faded from our minds. 

As per Mozillion founder Len Leeson, our phones play a significant role in our daily chores, and for many people, it is a way to reflect their personality. Smartphones are available in many colors why? So that it gets a personal touch. Likewise, phone straps, cases, and grips are practical and customizable to make phone handling easier.

Our Favorite Phone Charms in 2022:

  1. Skinnydip London Yin Yang beaded strap: A simple cute strap with multicolor different-shaped beads is an element in 2022 that brings back the early nineties’ noughties trend. It has stars, fish eyes, and crystal beads of different colors studded smartly.
  2. Monki colorful bead phone chain: If you love pastels this one is for you. The Monki colorful bead phone chain is bring back the 90’s memories with cute little butterflies studded chain. It has fruits, smiles, and stars embedded.
  3. Urban Outfitters phone charm: The Urban Outfitters love charm is outstanding. If you love romantic items, this has to be in your bag. Not every phone charm is costly. This love heart charm is a 2022 necessity.
  4. H&M mobile phone case: Why a mobile case? Because H&M phone charm comes in a set with a Power Puff Girls phone cover. The bubblegum pink and blue beads attached to a white cover makes a perfect combination.
  5. Skinnydip Power Puff Girls charm: Skinnydip has a variety of collections to choose from. This PPG charm is a thing. It takes me back to my childhood days. 

Now you know why phone charms got a resurgence in 2022. So, which phone charm do you like the most? Share with us in the comment section below. Also, do not forget to like and convey. Have a good day!

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