List of Top 10 Countries with Fastest Internet


How fast does your internet run? If you answered pretty fast, you’re probably not thinking about the true meaning of the word fast! While no one wants their wifi to be slow, we also don’t want it to be agonizingly slow. Here are some of the countries with the fastest internet in the world. These countries have internet so fast that you won’t believe it until you see it in action.

South Korea

One of only two countries to average over 30 Mbps download speeds (Hong Kong is number one), South Korea’s internet speed is one of the world’s fastest. Though it falls behind much of Europe’s cost per bit, it makes up for that shortcoming by delivering faster speeds at a lower price than other countries. The country has high penetration rates and ranks number one in broadband penetration and dial-up connections per 100 people.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s average connection speed is 17.3 Mbps, according to Akamai’s Q1 2013 State of The Internet report. That puts it in 5th place on our list of countries with the fastest internet connections. Part of Hong Kong’s high speed comes from its status as a financial center for China and mainland Asia; since so much online business goes through Hong Kong, demand for faster connections is high.


Over 75% of Japanese citizens are connected to high-speed fiber optic internet, which averages 40 Mbit/s. With that sort of speed, it’s no wonder Japan is on top of our list. If you want to live somewhere fast—and close—Japan may be your best bet. You don’t even need a passport. Plus, there’s also free wifi almost everywhere! The country is ahead of us when it comes to open internet and net neutrality; for instance, services like Netflix are typically faster in Japan than in America (unless you have a good VPN). The future seems pretty bright over there.


Sweden has average broadband speeds of 49.4 megabits per second, making it home to some of Europe’s fastest internet connections. This makes it ideal for sending large files and streaming high-definition content. It was ranked as the best country to run a business by U.S. News & World Report in 2017. Its fast internet connection is surely one reason: You can upload photos, create videos, and build your website faster when you have access to a quick online connection.


The average internet speed in Norway is 17.3 megabits per second, which is approximately 15 times faster than a standard connection in America. The Scandinavian country has set aggressive goals, such as offering every citizen internet service at 100 megabits per second by 2020. It’s also preparing to auction off spectrum that will let it provide 1-gigabit-per-second connections to 80 percent of its population by 2025. All of these measures are putting it on pace to become a world leader in both wired and wireless infrastructure: For example, Finn air recently launched WOW Air, an ultra-low-cost carrier that allows passengers to connect their own devices—without charge—for free wifi throughout all phases of flight.


The internet may be incredibly fast in Romania, but unfortunately, it’s also some most expensive. However, if you do manage to find an affordable high-speed internet deal in Romania, you’ll enjoy download speeds of up to 76.8 Mbps and upload speeds up to 19.2 Mbps. This is far faster than any other European country and means your data will fly across networks almost as quickly as you can load a webpage.


The averageAccording to Akamai, the average connection speed of 31.3 Mbps, making it one of the most connected countries in Europe. The country is also a leader in broadband adoption—95 percent of households have high-speed internet at home. Plus, there’s no sales tax on any purchases made online. All that adds up to a lot of time getting work done online (and playing around on Reddit).


The Netherlands has been ranked as having one of the fastest broadband speeds in Europe. With an average speed of 13.8 Mbps, you’ll have no problem downloading H.D. movies on your Netflix account. It’s also quite affordable. At USD 6 per month for 25 G.B., staying connected from abroad won’t cost much.


It isn’t that surprising to see Malaysia pop up on a list of fast internet countries. After all, it’s already become popular for providing a speedier connection than many of its neighbors. Malaysia was ranked 1oth in terms of average broadband download speeds during Q1 2017. Telekom Malaysia is providing best internet services with high internet speed. Telekom Malaysia has also introduced TM speed test service for its clients to check their connection speed. This service is absolutely free.  Malaysia can expect an even faster web experience. In addition to that entire fast internet, they also lower rates when you compare to other countries. So you get more bangs for your buck.


According to a internet analytics firm Net Index report, Bulgaria has the fastest average internet speeds in Europe. According to data for June 2017, download speeds in Bulgaria reached 17.8 Mbps, and upload speed averaged 9.5 Mbps, which is faster than any other country on Earth (or at least faster than anyone’s letting on).

In second place was Iceland, followed by Norway and Romania. The U.S. ranked 35th worldwide with an average of 14.2 Mbps for downloads and 6 Mbps for uploads—placing it behind Lithuania but ahead of Belgium and Sweden.

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