Kebab vs Shawarma: What Are the Differences?


Have you ever wondered what the difference was between these two favorites of the Middle East, Kebab vs Shawarma? Who will come out on top in this battle?

Let’s start with a brief introduction to these two delicious dishes to give you a better understanding of their unique similarities and differences. Kebab and Shawarma have different origins and changes in ingredients, which can make them a healthy option or a guilty pleasure when cravings hit.

Let’s take a closer look and find out who will win the Kebab vs Shawarma battle.

What Is a Kebab? 

Kebab is a popular dish in many cultures and countries worldwide. It is a skewer or skewered item made of grilled or roasted meat and vegetables. Kebabs can be served as an appetizer or main course.

What Is a Shawarma?

Shawarma is a Middle Eastern dish where meat is roasted on a rotisserie setup.

The ingredients can often include lamb, beef, chicken, or sometimes a combination of meats. Shawarmas typically come in a wrap or pita and may be served with spicy sauces and vegetables. 

Method of Preparation

The key difference between the two dishes is in the method of preparation: Kebab guide is usually cooked quickly over a direct flame, while the Shawarma guide is usually cooked slowly over low heat to give it more of a roasted flavor.

Cut and Serving of Meat 

Another difference between the two is in the way the meat is cut and served. Kebab is made by cutting the meat into cubes and grilling it on a skewer, while shawarma is similar, but the meat is thinly sliced, then cooked in a vertical rotisserie.

The serving portions of the two are quite different. Kebab comes in individual cubes, and the portions are usually small, making it an ideal appetizer. On the other hand, shawarma is usually served as a wrap or pita pocket, making it great as a full meal.

It can also be served as a platter with rice and salads. Every Middle Eastern cuisine has variations of the two dishes, but it usually comes down to the cut and serving size. You can also check this site for references on Turkish dishes

Sauce and Toppings

Sauce and toppings are also other points of difference between the two. Kebab is usually topped with a creamy yogurt sauce with herbs and spices and served with a side of vegetable salad or pickles.

While Shawarma is often topped with tahini sauce and other pickles, onions, and lettuce, the sauces used in each dish also reflect their origins – while in Kebab, the emphasis is on the yogurt-based sauces, and in Shawarma is on the tahini-based sauce.

Understand the Difference Between Kebab vs Shawarma

Ultimately, the differences between Kebab vs Shawarma – both are made of meat, spices, and sauces and served with accompaniments. The main difference lies in the way the meat is prepared and cooked.

Whether you’re a fan of Kebab or Shawarma, you should give them a try for a tasty experience!

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