Janmashtami Cake – The Perfect Add On To Show Devotion To Krishna


He destroyed the evil and brought peace back into the world. a magnificent lover and a sign of hope for the destitute. The eighth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu is known to the world as Krishna. He is undoubtedly one of the most respected deities in India, and every year on Janmashtami, we celebrate his birthday. 

Across the world,  Janmashtami is a widely observed festival  that is enthusiastically celebrated. Janmashtami falls on the eighth day, or Ashtami of the Krishna Paksha, in the month of Bhadrapada, according to the Hindu calendar. At midnight, people worship Lord Krishna in remembrance of His birth. The sacred Shankh or conch is blown in his honor, and then there is an aarti during which the devotees chant the name of Lord Krishna along with bhajan and kirtan. 

Importance Of Janamashthami

Hindus all across the globe commemorate the Janmashtami holiday with great fervor. One of Lord Vishnu’s most powerful human incarnations, according to folklore, is Shri Krishna. One such god in Hindu mythology whose birth and death have been extensively written about is Lord Krishna. People have been worshiping Shri Krishna as the divine son ever since he was born on earth in human form.

He was brought into the world to preach the world about good and bad, the beauty of one’s deeds and Janmashtami celebration encourages the spread of goodwill and the removal of ill will. 

Celebrate Lord Krishna’s Birthday With Swag

Cake cutting will never go out of fashion. Be it any occasion like- birthdays, get togethers, housewarming parties, anniversaries or any small to big celebration calls for a delicious sweet smelling cake. Nowadays we have started cutting cakes on the birthdays of our deities. On Janamashthami people look forward to cutting cakes at midnight to mark the birth of the greatest reincarnation of lord Vishnu- Lord Krishna. Lovingly called  Kanha, Gopal, Madhav, Laddu Gopal, Bal Gopal, Banwari, Keshav, Vasudev, the list is endless. Lord Vishnu reincarnated himself as Krishna and while living amidst human beings! he taught them the greatest lessons of life in simple deeds. And acts of kindness and how good over evil will always be the driving force for humanity. This Janamaashtami, try getting the best cake for Lord Krishna’s birthday. By this way you can show your devotion to Lord Krishna. 

Mouth Watering Cakes For Janmashtami 

Birthdays and cakes are synonymous to each other. As we are aware that Janmashtami is round the corner! who wouldn’t wish to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday with a yummy cake? 

This year we celebrate Janmashtami with a cake, honoring the almighty’s birth and his importance in his teachings about life. Bake a Janmashtami cake at home with all the best ingredients. Janamashtami calls for a cake cutting because it signifies the birthday of the greatest deities of all time- Lord Krishna.

Janamashtami Cakes Add Actual Birthday Effect

Janamashtanmi- if we break down the term we get two terms- Janam and Ashtami. Janam stands for birth and Ashtami stands for- Eight day. Lord Krishna was born on the eighth day of Bhadra month during the Krishna Paksh. It is the birthday of the most mischievous yet most beautiful reincarnation of lord Vishnu- Shri Krishna. Birthdays do call for a cake. Until and unless we cut a cake, it just doesn’t feel like a birthday. Celebrate Lord Krishna’s birthday with a luscious Janmashtami cake. A child is born, in fact the lord almighty has taken birth amidst us. Cakes, sweets, and good food are a must for the most awaited celebration for Lord Krishna. 

Janamashtami Is Incomplete Without Cake Cutting

Janmashtami is celebrated with great fervor and warmth all around the world. The celebration of Lord Krishna is not only limited to India.  Janamashthami is celebrated in the USA, UK, Australia, Russia and many other countries. The devotees of lord Krishna  all across the globe, decorate the temples, sing songs and hymns in remembrance, dance and preach about his teachings about life and even cut Janmashtami cake and distribute it to others. 

“Whenever there is the growth of evil and the loss of dharma! I shall incarnate to destroy the wicked and save the good. It “quoted from the Bhagavad gita was given by Lord Vishnu. Janamashtami marks the birth of one of his best incarnations of Lord Vishnu to destroy evil. And restore love, harmony and peace on earth- Shri Krishna. Janashtami is celebrated all across India and in different parts of the world in different ways. Dahi Haandi, Rass- Lilas and bhajan- kirtan till midnight are one of the most common ways of celebrating this festival. 

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