How to Write a Business Ethics Dissertation on the Enron Case


So, are you studying in a business school and working on accounting scandals to write your dissertation? You must have a look at the Enron case study, which is an exciting topic for a dissertation since it offers a wealth of opportunities for in-depth analysis.

A business ethics dissertation writing is a significant and intellectually engaging project. And, if you choose the Enron case study, it offers valuable information about how a fraud bankrupted the 7th largest company in the US in 2001.

According to Investopedia, the peak value of Enron’s shares was $90.75. When Enron went for bankruptcy, the share price had dropped from $90.75 at its peak to $0.26. Between 2004 and 2012, the business paid more than $21.8 billion to its debtors.

Writing a dissertation on business ethics demands a lot of research and time to study different case studies. Most students find it tough and look for help here and there. If you are also one of those, we advise you to buy dissertation online from The Academic Papers UK instead of writing on your own.

Let’s explore the Enron case study and how to write business ethics dissertations on this topic.

What is the Enron Case?

Enron, a big American company, started way back in 1885. At that time, it consisted of more than 20,000 employees and was famous for being innovative. It was at its peak in 2001, being the 7th largest company in the United States. But their fraudulent evil thing makes them see a downfall in the same year.

Enron got into a huge scandal because it played with its accounting, committed fraud, and did unethical things. This scandal led to the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history in 2001. It made everyone pay more attention to fraud and how companies report their finances.

Enron’s downfall was due to many things, like messing with electricity prices and causing an energy crisis in California. It didn’t just end here, rather, taking bribes from foreign officials, faking numbers to look better, and playing with financial reports were also very common.

This scandal caused new rules and laws formation about how companies report their finances, especially if they’re trading on the stock market. So, if you’re going to write your business ethics dissertation, consider working on the Enron case. 

In this way, you will be able to explore unethical behaviours, ethical dilemmas, and much more about happening in the business world.

Step-by-Step Guide to Write A Dissertation on Enron Case Study

Here, we will go over the collapse of the Enron case in detail to evaluate the extent of your study. We will also discuss a critical evaluation of the literature, your technique, and suggestions for writing a strong dissertation.

1. Background of the Enron Case

A well-researched corporate scandal, the Enron case provides a wealth of material for studying business ethics. In a short time, Enron—once a poster child for American corporate success—went from its peak to the down due to his frauds. 

You have to study the company’s ups and downs, unethical behaviour and false financial reporting for ethical examination. You should cover every aspect of the firm you are studying. 

Such a model is given in the book Understanding Business Ethics:

As a business student, it is going to be interesting as well as tough to do research on such kind of cases in depth. Therefore, writing such dissertations on business ethics demands complete evaluation and analysis without being biased.

2. Scope of Your Research

Clearly defining the subject of your research is crucial to producing an extensive dissertation focussing on the Enron case. Your investigation should cover a range of business ethics dissertation topics, including:

  • Enron’s rise and fall: Recognise the elements that fueled the company’s expansion and ultimately contributed to its downfall.
  • Unethical Practises: Look into the unethical acts of the executives of Enron, such as bribery, tax evasion, and energy price manipulation.
  • Audit Failures: Examine where the auditing procedure fell short and allowed unethical behaviour to continue.
  • Leaders’ Moral Obligation: Examine how the company’s senior executives have shaped its ethical culture.
  • Illegal Activities: Examine how the company’s true situation was hidden through false financial reporting and manipulation.

3. Company Synopsis

Give a thorough history of Enron to write a perfect business ethics dissertation. Take relevant information from the book Enron and World Finance to study the Enron cases. 

Your synopsis should highlight its importance in the business sector. Draw attention to the company’s organisational structure, services provided, and the big names like CFO Andrew Fastow and CEO Kenneth Lay.

4. Objectives for the Research

Clearly define your research’s goals. Your objectives for an Enron-focused corporate ethics dissertation might be as follows:

  • Examining the moral implications of corporate behaviour, both at Enron and in the larger business community.
  • Determining the fundamental moral principles that should direct commercial dealings.
  • Evaluating the effects on the world capital market of false financial reporting.
  • Looking into the ethical dilemmas that businesses face, like in the Enron case.
  • Analysing the shortcomings of corporate social responsibility and governance and concluding their findings.

5. Research Questions

Create targeted research topics that will direct your business ethics dissertation. There are two main inquiries for your Enron case study that you can use:

  1. To what degree did the leaders of Enron manipulate financial statements in order to conduct corporate fraud?
  2. In light of the Enron scandal, how have the theoretical underpinnings of corporate ethics and the significance of moral conduct changed?

7. Review of Relevant Literature

A comprehensive reading of the literature is necessary to understand the different viewpoints and historical background. Give a brief overview of the development of business ethics, from early moral and religious influences to current issues. You can go through different books, articles, journals, news and research papers for that.

In addition, this section needs to shed light on the difficulties and conundrums that business ethics face. As well as evaluate its philosophical, legal, and historical components to mention in the literature review.

8. Examples of Unethical Behavior

Add examples of unethical commercial practices from real life to bolster your claims. Examples of such incidents include Nestle’s predatory marketing, McDonald’s environmental practices, and the ethical controversy surrounding Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google. 

These examples will assist in demonstrating the applicability of business ethics in the current corporate environment.

9. Methodology

Describe the approach and research strategy you have chosen. The best method for a business ethics dissertation on the Enron case is a case study technique. Your main sources of secondary data will be books, academic journals, and publications on the Enron scandal. 

Talk about the reasons this method is appropriate for your research and any potential drawbacks.

10. Recommendations & Conclusion

Your dissertation should end with a summary of your findings and some recommendations. As an example, you could propose:

  • Enhancing legal systems to stop unethical and fraudulent corporate practices.
  • Encouraging moral leadership and a corporate culture in businesses.
  • Promoting truthful financial disclosure and reporting.
  • Highlighting the need to hire impartial non-executive directors to maintain accountability and transparency.

Last Words

The Enron scandal serves as an example of how making incorrect decisions may result in a company’s financial collapse. You can add your current discussion on this case study while writing business ethics dissertations. It is the best example to quote to portray business ethics engagingly.

Moreover, this thorough study and critical analysis can clarify the significance of ethics and corporate responsibility in today’s business environment. But if you find it tough to explore and write on this subject, you should get dissertation help from the experts. You can also buy dissertations online from experienced writers at The Academic Papers UK.

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