How To Get Rid Of Thick And Stubborn Moss From Roof?


If you want your house to remain in top-notch condition even after many years of building it, scheduled roof maintenance is imperative. The aesthetic appeal of the exterior of a residential building matters a lot when determining its market value. Therefore, keeping the outer part of the walls and roof clean and moss-free is essential.

Constant accumulation of moss on the roof makes it more prone to dampness and leakage. You will be left with no option other than replacing your roof if you avoid taking the requisite precautions. So, take the necessary measures to remove moss from your building’s roof before serious situations arise. The cost of roof cleaning depends mainly on the roof size and cleaning complexity.

Killing moss using dry and liquid products is possible and easy. However, you need to know the proper technique to get rid of the dead moss from the roof of your home. The roof structure will decay quickly if dead moss remains on the roof, absorbing water like a sponge. Know that it won’t go away on its own. It is wise to rely on experts for effective moss killing and removal.

Thick Moss can Damage Roofs Severely

Areas of a roof that receive little to no sunlight become more prone to the accumulation of moss. It happens more quickly when the weather remains damp and cool for many months in a year. Also, roof areas that remain under the shade of trees always are conducive to moss growth.

You need to keep your eyes on the roof time and again and look for a very thin green dusting on it. Noticing the same is possible when you look at it from low angles. The thin layer of moss will become thick, wide and carpet-like with time on the shingles. The seams remain in shade throughout, which is why moss develops on shingles and their edges.

Moss gets under roof shingles and ends up raising them a bit once they become thicker and keep expanding. Moss growth will expedite if your building’s roof has wood shingles. Getting rid of mat-like, lush moss from wood shingles is incredibly difficult in comparison to asphalt or composite shingles.

Moss can act as a sponge once it’s thicker, causing moisture absorption and retention. The absorbed moisture penetrates between and under shingles before proceeding to the lower roofing levels and roof structure elements. Eventually, the roof starts to rot and decay quickly. Without timely precautionary measures, preventing roof damage is nearly impossible.

Steps to Kill and Eliminate Moss from Roof

Application of Dry and Liquid Moss Killers

Expert roof cleaners can help you do the job on your behalf with the utmost effectiveness. So, it is prudent to resort to them for a moss-free home roof. Once professional roofers climb onto the roof, they will start by applying dry powder to kill moss.

They dispense the dry moss-eliminating product in horizontal lines nearly 2 to 3 feet apart without interruption and parallel to the roof ridge. The dry powder acts more effectively when there is a prediction of moderate rainfall for days sooner than later.

Roofing cleaners usually fix a garden hose to the bucket or container containing the wet product for moss extermination. It is vital to keep running the water for a while to ensure no moss killer remains on your roof. Then, experts start by spraying water on the roof right from the ridge to the roof’s downward areas. Experts take safety measures while performing the moss-killing task.

Removal of Dead Moss

You can remove the dead moss once you find it has turned clearly brown. Remember that you may have to wait about a month or more to get rid of the moss from your roof after applying moss-killing products.

Experts can do a better and much more efficient job than you because they have appropriate tools for stubborn moss removal. The right equipment enables a professional roof cleaner to lift thick moss mats from a building’s roof effortlessly.

You must not forget that it is a slow yet steady process. So, it will take a bit of time if moss is everywhere on your expansive roof, even when experts carry out the moss removal task.

Contact Advance Roofing, a leading roofing company, to hire licensed and experienced roof cleaners to kill and get rid of moss from the roof of your house. Trust the experts, as they know how to keep moss off your roof, and they charge a reasonable price for rendering roof cleaning services.

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