How To Choose the Right Tyre Size – A Detailed Guide


Close up of two new tires laying on the pavement beside each other in a car workshop.

Car tires bear different road conditions and harsh weather throughout their lifespan. It damages them, leading you to replace them after regular intervals. When buying tyres you have to face two challenges, selecting the right tyre shop and size. Choosing a reputable tire shop is a real struggle, especially in cities like Dubai where numerous options are available. You can purchase high-quality tires at the best prices from Dubai Tyre Shop.

Now the second challenge is selecting the right tyre size. Don’t worry! We will help you in this regard as well. Today, we are here with a detailed guide on selecting the right tyre size for your vehicle. Let’s explore this without further ado.

A Stepwise Guide to Select the Right Tyre Size

Step 1: Explore Manual

The first step is to explore the vehicle’s manual. This manual contains all the information about the car. There are chances that you will find the size of your car’s tyres. The size mentioned there may be different for rear and front tyres. You must opt for the specific size mentioned for each tire in the manual.

Step 2: Understand Your Vehicle

If you don’t have a manual, you can select the right tyre size by understanding your vehicle. All vehicles have different tyre sizes. You need to understand the brand model of your car to find which tire size is best for them. When you know about your vehicle, there are chances that the tyre shop you choose provides the best-matched tyres for your vehicle.

Step 3: Locate the Size on the Tyres

On some vehicles, the tyre size is mentioned on tyres. You can locate this size by closely viewing your vehicle’s tyres. To locate the size mentioned on tyres, you first need to clean the tyres and then closely view them. It is often mentioned on the sides of tyres where it doesn’t remove even after frequent use.

Step 4: Understand Terminologies

Different terminologies are used to write the tyre size on manual or tyres. You need to understand these terminologies to know what size you need. These terminologies vary from brand to brand. Therefore, you must use the manual to understand them. Another option is to contact the customer care center of the vehicle brand you own to get details about these terminologies.

Step 5: Seek Professional Advice

You have to spend a considerable amount on buying tyres. Therefore, always choose the perfect size to avoid hassle after purchasing them. The best thing you can do in this regard is to seek assistance from some professionals. They know different vehicles and their tyres and can help in choosing the perfect size.

Final Words

Now you know how to select the perfect tyre size for your vehicle. Along with size, you must focus on the quality of tires as well. Always opt for branded tyres as they are more affordable and durable than regular ones. For instance, Kumho Tyres price is very low as compared to others, but they last longer and offer a firm grip on the road.

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