How to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online: Everything You Need to Know


A recent study shows that psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, can relieve symptoms of depression for up to a year.

The compound is also implicated in relieving several other conditions. These include substance abuse, cluster headaches, anorexia, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

While magic mushrooms remain illegal in most states, they’re fast becoming recognized for their therapeutic abilities and decriminalized in more places.

Keep reading to discover how you can buy magic mushrooms online safely.

Know Your Magic Mushroom Products

It’s best to know what you’re shopping for before you head online. It can help you find exactly what you need more easily. These are the major types of mushrooms available online nowadays:

Dried Mushrooms

People have been enjoying dried mushrooms for decades and this is still the most popular way to consume them. You can usually choose between 3.5g, 7g, and 28g doses, like cannabis.


Microdoses are approximately one-tenth of a regular dose of magic mushrooms. They’re best for those who want to avoid psychoactive effects like hallucinations.

When taken in these small quantities, psilocybin can help relieve anxiety and improve focus. 


Dried mushrooms mixed with a food base, like candy, are more portable and easier to consume than dried mushrooms. For instance, a psilocybin mushroom chocolate bar 3.5g is a good option for those who want to regulate their doses a little more precisely. 

Gummies are another popular option for magic mushroom users. That is mainly due to their pleasant taste, convenient doses, and easy portability.  

Buy Magic Mushrooms Online from a Reputable Source

You must perform your due diligence when searching for a magic mushroom store. A legitimate vendor will have a professional-looking website and provide their contact details.

The website should also feature clear terms and conditions with clearly labeled products and detailed product descriptions. 

When in doubt, rather move on to the next vendor. 

In some cases, the mushroom store website may also feature reviews from customers. Browse through these to gain an impression of their product quality, service, and reliability. 

You should also search for additional online customer reviews on independent websites.

There are a few online communities and forums centered around magic mushrooms. You can ask questions on these platforms and find good first-hand reviews on specific products.

Look for Research-Backed Products

As the legalization of psilocybin progresses across the globe, there will always be those who are after a fast buck. Rather than risk buying from these shady characters, always opt for products that have undergone third-party research by an outside source.

You should never take a vendor’s word when it comes to the legitimacy of their products. If they don’t have laboratory tests to back their claims, find someone who has. 

A bad batch of magic mushrooms won’t give you the results you need and could lead to unpleasant consequences. 

It’s important to know where the mushrooms come from, how they’re processed, and what effects you can expect from them.

If you can’t find that information on the website, reach out to the vendor and ask them. Reputable online vendors will willingly share this information with you.  

Always Consult a Dosage Chart

Even the best quality mushrooms handled with utmost care can deliver a bad trip when taken in excessive amounts. Dosage is just as important when it comes to magic mushrooms as it is with any other treatment option. 

In most cases, you’d need to consume about 1.7 kg of magic mushrooms to endanger yourself, but that doesn’t mean a much smaller dose won’t have unpleasant side effects. 

On the other hand, you’re wasting your time taking too small a dosage.

Always consult a dosage chart when shopping for psilocybin products. It’s the best way to ensure you get the fix you need. For instance, low doses are best for stress relief, while larger doses help alleviate depression faster.

A typical macro dose of magic mushrooms varies from 2.5 grams to 3.5 grams. You should never take more than 5 g at a time. 

Most users recommend starting with a low dose and increasing it until you achieve the desired results. 

Different types of mushrooms deliver different effects, so always research as much as you can about a product before buying it.

Payment Pitfalls

Comparing mushroom prices between sellers is important for determining how reputable a seller is. Paying much more than the average price isn’t always a sign of better quality, but super cheap prices almost always indicate a substandard product.

Rather, let the criteria above guide your decision when it comes to mushroom pricing. You’ll feel more at ease paying a little more for well-researched, neatly presented products from a professional-looking website in any case.

One final thing to consider is how you will pay for your purchase.

Does the website offer well-established, secure payment methods that you’re familiar with? Do they have a preferred method of payment that you’re comfortable with?

Most sellers prefer payment via e-transfer, crypto, or credit card.  

Get Your Fix  

It’s important to ensure you’re acting within the bounds of the law when you buy magic mushrooms online. Legislation changes rapidly in the USA, particularly regarding health supplements.

Websites are strictly regulated in jurisdictions where it’s legal to buy mushrooms online. In other places, they’re free to do as they please. Besides, if they’re breaking the law by selling ‘shrooms, they’re probably not a reputable operator. 

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