How Much Pain is Caused by Invisalign?


Invisalign is undoubtedly an excellent treatment option as compared to traditional braces to straighten your smile. Nevertheless, before you opt for this treatment, you might be wondering about the level of pain caused by Invisalign aligners. You can gain some useful information in this regard from this post:

Pain Caused By Invisalign Aligners

You need not have to fear Invisalign aligners. The reason is that everyone does not feel pain or soreness during the treatment. Some patients describe it to be a light pressure on their teeth. Most feel that they have this pressure on the first day they switch to a fresh pair of aligner trays. Visit Invisalign Langley to get a pain free treatment.

Remember that during this treatment, your teeth will move only about 0.2 millimeters from the initial day to the 7th day during which you will be provided with a fresh tray.

  • Invisalign trays are made using smooth plastic. 
  • No wires are used in these aligners.
  • So, there is nothing to prod or poke sensitive places in your mouth
  • Above all, these clear aligners are customized to your dental line

For the reasons mentioned above, you might experience mile pressure. So, you need not have to fear any pain.

What To Do With The Pain?

As mentioned earlier, not all patients experience pain with Invisalign aligners. In case, you are experiencing pain, it will go away in a day or two. In case, you cannot tolerate the pain, you can try a few home remedies. Here are a few of them you can try out:

Apply an ice pack

  • You can apply an ice pack or wet towel over the area of pain
  • This remedy will help reduce inflammation
  • It will also soothe your sore mouth

Take An OTC Painkiller

  • If the new set of aligners is causing pain, you can take an OTC painkiller
  • The painkiller will help you reduce pain 

Try Consuming Cold foots

Some people experience betterment in the discomfort caused by new aligners when using 100% fruit popsicle or ice pop. When eating cold food, make sure to remove the aligners.

Rinse with Warm Salt Water

  • You can rinse your mouth using salt water
  • Salt water will help address sores
  • You can try this remedy every few hours
  • You can do this for two or three days or until you feel better

Use Dental Wax

  • Dental wax may help reduce pain caused by aligners
  • You can apply a small quantity between your aligners and teeth
  • Otherwise, you can apply dental wax in the area that is sore or tender
  • The wax will help cushion your teeth as they get adapted to the aligners

Switch To Your Fresh Aligners During Night

As you will be sleeping, night may be the suitable time to switch to your new set of aligners. Also, wearing it the night will help the aligners to work continuously for 8 hours to align your dental line. When you wake up, the pain will disappear.

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