How Frequently Should You Service Your RO?


The most popular water filtering method in Indian homes is reverse osmosis or RO. But what is RO, and what does a RO water purifier truly do?

RO aids in purifying unfiltered water of contaminants. In this unique form of filtering technology, water is deionized by applying pressure on it while passing it through a semi-permeable, absorbent membrane. This method filters out contagious agents or big compounds.

To provide uncontaminated and pure drinking water, the water then travels from the more concerted side (more contaminants) to the less concerted side (fewer impurities).

Permeate, the cleaned water that has been treated, and brine or litter, the leftover water. Timely replacement of RO filters and membranes is essential due to the crucial function they play in the process. Regular Water PurifierService in Noida is necessary for your RO unit to operate at its best efficiency.

RO Water Purifiers’ Importance

One of the greatest purifiers in the world is the RO water system. It is a straightforward and uncomplicated water purification procedure that removes pollutants and toxins from tap water to produce clean, drinkable water.

Even though there are many water purifiers on the market, it is sensible to get the finest water purifier in India. This is because it has several advantages over other popular purifiers on the market. Only the hazardous and disease-causing pollutants are filtered out by RO-based systems. The filtering process keeps the minerals and beneficial microbes that the body needs.

Is It Necessary To Maintain RO Purifiers?

It is crucial to get water purifier service near me in noida to guarantee that they operate effectively. The filters in water purifiers may quickly clog as they remove the various contaminants that are present in water. Lack of sufficient upkeep and care compromise the product’s functionality and longevity.

This is the reason why cleaning every filter in a RO water purifier requires professional assistance. If maintained and cared for properly, a high-quality RO water purifier may last up to 15 years.

Why Replacing Your Filters And Cartridges Is Important?

A filter acts as the water purifier’s lungs, removing harmful waste from your drinking water and ensuring that only the purest and safest water reaches you. With repeated usage, debris or wreckage may block the filter’s inside, irreversibly damaging the filer (or perhaps the RO).

Additionally, because the filters are carbon-based, they lose their ability to absorb with time and must be replaced regularly. Because of this, it’s critical to continue paying careful attention to RO and replacing your RO filter as needed.

How Frequently Should RO Filters Be Changed And Maintained?

Depending on the quality and quantity of distilled water, the pre-filter RO, which is located outside the RO water purifier, should be changed every 3 to 4 months. Depending on how many gallons of water run through them, the other pre-filters, such as the DI cartridge, Carbon, and Sediment filter, should ideally be replaced every 6 to 12 months. However, each filter should be examined separately.

You must change your RO filters within a year to be sure and safe. In contrast, the RO membrane needs to be changed every two years. If regular RO maintenance is not carried out, contaminants may end up in your drinking water, which may be harmful to your health.

While the aforementioned serves as a useful reference, the precise timing and frequency of servicing depend entirely on the volume of water being filtered by your RO, the pollutants in your source tap water, and the maintenance cycle. The bottom line is that if your filter has been in use for approximately a year, it is probably time to get it serviced and have the filters and other components changed.


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