An Internet Protocol Camera commonly referred to as Ip camera is a digital video camera muck lie a webcam ,which transmits and receives data over a network or the internet .Unlike an ordinary webcam it is a standalone unit with its own IP address that requires nothing more than a network connection on order to transfer images .The IP address connects to a network exactly  the same way as any other standard network device such as a laptop ,tablet or printer. IP cameras capture images in much the same way as a digital camera and compress the files to transmit over the network ,IP cameras may be used with a wired network connected via ethernet cable to a broadband modem or router or wirelessly via a WiFi router.Setting up an IP camera is relatively simple ,requiring nothing more than a network connections and a little patience to site and configure the camera. The majority of ip camera

 on the market can be configured to provide live viewing continuous recording, operate at a scheduled time or to be triggered by a specific event.The image captured by on IP camera may be viewed from anywhere in the world via the internet whether via pc, laptop or mobile phone in many cases as well as as being able to view video footage and listen to audio streaming the camera may also be controlled remotely .

Ip Cameras are versatile security solutions requiring nothing more than a network connection .There is no need for coaxial cables, a computer station or even wired electricity .They can be used as a temporary or permanent solution and relocated as and when required. IP cameras are available for both indoor and outdoor use with both day and night functionally and with the ability to pan or zoom either remotely or via operator command.whether you require overt or covert security there is an IP camera to suit.Our security specialist are well placed to advise you on the best IP camera to suit your needs as well as providing expert advice on where to site your cameras .We can install the cameras for you,or simply provide assistance if required in addition we offer an Ip camera monitoring service giving you the peace of mind knowing that your promises remain under constants surveillance your ip camera are consistently maintained and we will  alert you only if and when required in the event of a security breach.Unlike the analog CCTV cameras that transmit the video images by cables with a limited length ,the Ip caesars send the video stream ina  digital form to any distance. 

When Setting Up an IP Camera.

A wireless network ,or WifI network sends and receives data to a wireless modem .Phones ,computers some TVs game console and other security devices are all connected via Wi-Fi and your IP camera is no different .One way to view an IP cameras footage is by entering its IP address in a web browser .Keep in mind that the IP address must address must be static .Some internet providers supply their customers with dynamic IP address that change from time to time .You will want to speak with your provider about a static IP address to ensure you can access your IP camera. A wired network connects an IP camera to the network via an Ethernet cable.This setup is considered the most secure as there is little chance for signal interference or unauthorized access .Expect the fastest data transmission speeds with Ethernet as a wired connection is much more efficient than WiFi.A cellular network is perhaps the most convenient of the three but it is also the slowest .In general ,Wifi has faster upload and download speeds .Most IP cameras come equipped with a cellular transmitter out of the box so set up. Installation and connection are easy.

Ip cameras had indexed 7300 locations with unsecured IP cameras around the world.Creepy ,to say the least but the finding brought up a very important point.Most security caesars come with a default username and password .Though the default login is supposed to be changed ,in many cases at least 73000 cases apparently -it was left unchanged as the default login.The website pulled security camera footage from a variety of businesses, including malls warehouses and parking lots .But far worse ,there was also camera footage from inside the living rooms and bedrooms of private residences.This order exposes a harsh truth unsecured Ip cameras are surprisingly easy to hack .The good news is that it is easier to secure anIP Camera really it is you just need to check two things .

Features of IP Camera 

First make sure that your change your camera default login credentials .If you are not sure how consult the camera instruction manual .A security professional can help you with this should you hire a company to install your security system .The next thing you need to do is double check that your WifI is private .If the cameras are connected to public WiFi anyone with the IP address may be able to gain access .With a private Wi-Fi connection ,only users that are logged in to the Wifi can access the camera footage .Once the security camera and WiFi are secure you will be set.Modem wireless modem use a data encryptions system called WiFi protected Access .Over the years ,WPA standards have tightened .WPA3 is considered the most secure and is equipped on some newer modems .WPA3 will further protect your security cameras against hacks and other types of unauthorized access.Compared to analog cameras ,Ip security cameras offer convenient features and are suitable for any home or business .

Final words 

Whether you need just one camera or with one of our security experts we can answer any questions and get you a free system quote.Prevent theft and Vandalism security cameras act as a string deterrent in keep away any activities of theft and break .Installing surveillance cameras on home and office premises thwarts antisocial elements and ensures safety to the members . 

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