How do you clean an electric skateboard?

electric skateboard?

Skateboarding has gained much more followers than it already had. However, it’s not just about having the right skate gear or practicing as much as possible. It is also important to properly maintain your skateboard or longboard. Here we will give you some tips and tricks on how to clean your board and even how to clean the skate bearings, let’s get started!

Why is it important to clean a skateboard or longboard?

For those of us who love this sport, we know that it not only requires enormous skills and a lot of practice. It is necessary to keep your skateboard or longboard clean so that it lasts in good condition for a long time. This will not only save you money, but it will also help you to have a better grip on the board and avoid falls.

You don’t need to have a lot of cleaning supplies or experience cleaning an electric skateboard . There are very simple procedures and basic things that you can easily get to give your skateboard the maintenance it needs. It’s so simple that it will become your usual routine so that your board lasts perfect for a long time!

Tools and material for cleaning your skate

You need an adjustable wrench to remove the nuts from the board (this way you will go deep to the entire surface). You will also need a hard nylon brush, or preferably one with metal bristles, but make it soft. Have a bowl of water and a few drops of dish soap, as well as dry cloth towels, an eraser, and a sponge. As an option, a hair dryer.

As for how to clean skateboard wheels , you will need a grease dissolving liquid, a container, a cutter, a brush and oil to lubricate. You will also need a brush, a screwdriver, kitchen paper or towels.

Steps to follow to clean your longboard or skateboard

How to clean the electric skatebaord sandpaper. The grip is a fundamental element in skateboarding and longboarding that gets dirty easily. Mud sticks, looks bad and drastically decreases grip. Put the board on a flat surface where you can get it wet, removing the screws. Dampen the sponge in the water (which has just a few drops of soap in it) and wipe it across the surface.

Scrub the surface with the nylon brush. Although some people do not suggest it, you can use a metal bristle one, as long as you do it carefully. As you rub and the dirt comes off, wipe with the towel, dabbing and pressing. If it still doesn’t dry well with the towel, use the hair dryer. Once dry, and if there are still traces of dirt, use the rubber rubbing on the surface.  

How to clean skateboard bearings

 Skateboard wheels should also receive regular maintenance, in addition to sandpaper. Since they take a lot of impact and stick to the ground, they get dirty easily. Even if they stop spinning, it is a sign that you should clean them as soon as possible. Find a surface to place all the elements in order, so that when assembling them it is easy for you.

First remove the bearing using the key to remove the nut from the axle, use the Axle levering. Remove the wheel and carefully pull out the washers, preventing them from falling off. If you have two bearings in between, remove the spacer before continuing. Clean by rubbing with the brush, removing all dirt and use the kitchen paper to remove the grease. The rubber cover of the bearing is removed with a cutter, prying.

In a container with water and dish detergent, submerge the bearings, rubbing with the sponge until they are clean. Rinse and place on kitchen paper or towels. Introduce a few drops of lubricant inside each bearing and move for proper distribution. Put on the rubber caps, if applicable. Don’t forget to assemble again in the initial order so that everything is perfectly fine.

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