How can I unblock websites in India using a VPN?


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In recent years, hampered websites and applications have become increasingly common. No matter where you live, this would always be a problem.

The online cricket betting websites may be blocked for a variety of reasons. It could be another form of internet censorship or a government policy. No matter what, everyone must have the right to information. A VPN provides precisely that.

With the help of a virtual private network, or VPN, customers will undoubtedly be able to access restricted or geo-restricted websites. It helps you connect your device to the network you want to use in a private and secure manner. It also has the potential to serve as a link between two businesses, such as your mobile information provider (Jio, Airtel, and so on). as well as the websites that are being targeted, including gaming websites, betting websites, apps, and mobile games websites.

This article includes a brief tutorial on how to use a virtual private network (VPN) to access blocked websites in India. Finding the best VPN browsers that are free to download and can be used to freely access information is simple. Therefore, let’s begin! Read about betway app review here.

The easiest and cheapest way to get around blocked apps and websites is to use a free virtual private network (VPN). You can access the website unblocked with a VPN, and it also keeps your connection private. Let’s show you how this works.

Because of this, the internet reads your IP address to determine where you are and blocks your access when you connect to a restricted website using a mobile network like Jio. However, when you use a VPN browser, both your access location and IP address are altered.

You will have access to restricted information as a result of this, and the website will have the impression that you are actually coming from a different location as a result. Your security is ensured in light of the fact that your own data and exchanges are all scrambled. Imagine receiving this facility at no cost!

On Android and iOS devices, you can download and install free VPNs using your mobile network, such as Jio or Airtel. In addition, we will demonstrate how to use mobile devices to access India’s top five free VPN sources.

Firefox #1: Mozilla Firefox, the fastest and most private browser, has been used by users worldwide and in India for more than two decades. It is owned by Mozilla Corporation, and it has been improved numerous times to provide customers with the best version possible. We’ll show you how to use its features and unblock websites with it.


Indians can access restricted websites like PubG and online cricket betting with one of the free VPN browsers. Let’s take a look at how to use Firefox’s free VPN to access blocked websites on a mobile network. Unlock your Android or iOS device’s native app store by connecting to a mobile network like Jio.

  1. ” Enter “firefox” into the search field.
  2. When you click the install button, the free VPN browser will be automatically downloaded and installed.

As you can see, this VPN browser is secure, free, and offers lightning-fast connections. It also safeguards your transactions. After it has been downloaded, the free VPN can be found in the menu of your mobile device.

  1. Tap the Firefox VPN icon to launch it.

You can make the program your default web index. Click the “not now” button if you are not interested in doing so. You can also read the privacy policies by clicking on the link that has been provided. The VPN Firefox landing page seems to be this when you first open it: 5. Type your requirement into the search box at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Simply clicking on a restriction can be used to circumvent it on your favorite website.
  2. After accessing the content, click the menu icon in the bottom right corner to save it as a bookmark for later use.

#2 Opera Browser – Free VPN for Android Opera is one of India’s best providers of free VPN browsers. It does not collect any information about your online activities or login credentials to protect your privacy. It is one of the built-in browsers that works without downloading or installing additional software.

Opera VPN browser guarantees that its services are free and free of data caps or fees.

A brief guide is provided here if you find this sufficiently interesting to want to play at blocked online gambling sites like iGaming and others.

On a mobile network, you can access restricted websites with the free Opera Browser VPN. Opera can be found in the device’s native app store. Use it for nothing.

  1. To start the browser, select Opera from the menu on your mobile device. It is possible to make it the browser’s default. In the upper right corner, select skip if you are not interested.

You can also customize the Opera browser by choosing what you want from the available options.

  1. After selecting the color scheme you want, open the browser and visit the website you want.
  2. Before opening your restricted favorite website, you can select from a selection of auto-applied features. One of them is the free VPN.

You can use the free VPN connection to surf the web, activate it whenever you need to, and then turn it off. Your most memorable page can be saved as a bookmark for sometime in the future.

No. 3: Turbo VPN The browser for Turbo VPN gives users access to an infinite amount of information. It is one of India’s fastest, safest, and cheapest VPN sources.

It offers a user-friendly interface, high-quality streaming, protection against data leaks, and other benefits. You are not required to sign up for a particular package or pay for the services. This free VPN works with all mobile devices, including Android and iPhone, and is secure on any mobile network.

As a result, let’s look into Turbo VPN and find out how to use it to unblock websites on your mobile network.

With the free Turbo VPN, you can access restricted websites by connecting to your mobile network. After opening the device’s native app store (Apple Store or Play Store), locate Turbo using your mobile network.

  1. To open it from the menu, tap the browser icon on your mobile device.
  2. Accept the terms and conditions after reading them. A pop-up with a rabbit and a tap to connect button will appear when you open the homepage. Click on it to join the free VPN. The subtleties appear on your notice bar following an association.
  3. Use the menu choices on the passed on side of the page to alter your free VPN association.

You can now search for the content you need using your standard browser. You can look up information about betting options and the upcoming Ashes Series, for instance.

  1. After you have finished browsing, you can disconnect the VPN by clicking the free VPN app’s X (cross) button.

#4 Fearless Confidential Internet Browser Because of its quick and secure connection, more than 50 million people use the Valiant VPN service. It offers round-the-clock support and provides users with protection on desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

You only need to download the free VPN, so rest assured. You are also safe when you use mobile networks. The VPN demonstrates that history, transactions, and incognito activities are shielded from trackers by encryption. You can protect multiple devices simultaneously with the Brave VPN. The steps to use it to access blocked websites and download it are listed below.

The free Brave VPN lets you use your mobile network to access websites that are blocked. With the assistance of mobile service providers like Jio, Airtel, VI, and others, you can open your portable local app store. Find the VPN for Brave.

  1. After installation, locate the icon in your mobile menu and tap it to launch it. The homepage of Brave VPN is quite appealing thanks to the lion’s logo and the purple-blue background. You can make it your default browser if you want to.
  2. Type the URL of the website that is restricted or blocked into the search box that is provided. For instance, if you are from AP or Telangana, you will not be able to use certain online bookmakers. If you use their URLs, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting to them.
  3. When you visit a popular or blocked website, the Brave VPN lets you keep track of the number of ads blocked and the measures taken to protect your data and privacy. You can also bookmark your favorite website and return to it later.

#5 Private Browser Aloha – VPN Aloha VPN is one of the simplest browsers that Indian users can download for free. Due to its excellent privacy service, rocket speed, and ability to block advertisements, it is widely used.

It works with Android and iOS devices. The fact that Aloha Browser VPN protects downloads and lets users play VR media is its only selling point. There is also a free, unlimited VPN service! Therefore, without further ado, let’s look at how to use this VPN browser to access blocked websites in India.

Using the free Aloha VPN, you can access restricted websites when connected to a mobile network. When you visit your native app store, such as the Apple or Play Store, you can find the Aloha browser by using the search box. It can be installed in minutes using your mobile network.

  1. Start the free VPN browser that was installed to make your selections. One of the appealing features of this VPN browser is the capability to sync and save your data.
  2. After visiting the homepage, look for your preferred subject that you believe is restricted or blocked by geography.
  3. By visiting the page you prefer without restrictions, you can take advantage of your right to free information! You can bookmark, translate, and perform on-page search with the Aloha VPN source.

In conclusion, we can say that the best way to access content from anywhere is through a virtual private network (VPN). It secures your connection and safeguards your privacy by preventing trackers and other cybercrime.

When you use free VPNs on mobile networks to access blocked websites, you feel empowered. Right now, take a look at the suggested VPN sources!

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