Here Are Your Options When Shopping for Luxury Men’s Bags

Here Are Your Options When Shopping for Luxury Men’s Bags

If you want to look into what’s on the market in terms of designer bags for men, the first thing to consider is what type of bag is going to suit your personal needs most. After all, when you’re spending so much on a bag, you should be able to use it. 

So here’s what’s on the market right now for men: 

The Modern Classic: Tote Bag

A more modern option carried by all ages is the tote bag. Often carried by the handles alone, it now comes with an optional shoulder strap and is made with many materials and sizes, from the Louis Vuitton Neverfull to the cheaper canvas options. Tote bags are made to carry everything you need, with few pockets, so it can be a little hard to find what you need, but the trade-off is worthwhile. 

The Casual Staple: Satchel Bag

A great option for the more casual days, the satchel bag often features buckle closures, a padded carrying handle and a shoulder strap. It often has multiple interior pockets and is made to look like a luxury casual option for everyday use. This bag is fantastic for taking to a more casual workplace. 

The Commuters Favourite: Crossbody/ Shoulder Messenger Bag

The crossbody messenger bag is worn often over one shoulder, with the bag resting on your side. Some men prefer to turn the bag, so it sits over their lower back more than their side, but the main point remains, if you’re taking a train or riding a bike to work, or even just a long walk, this bag is a great choice. In addition, you can also wear this bag over just one shoulder for an even more casual look. 

A Travelling Staple: Duffle Bag

The duffle bag is a must-have for the travelling man. Whether it be to the gym, out for a weekend trip or to take with you on the plane. These bags are often made of leather or canvas when offered by designer brands and come with carry traps and a shoulder strap with minimal interior pockets. The idea is to be able to carry shoes, clothes and toiletries with ease. 

The Working Staple: Briefcase 

A briefcase is a must-have in corporate spaces, and when you go for a luxury briefcase you are elevating yourself beyond the ordinary. These bags are often made in premium leather and are now made less to carry papers and more to carry a laptop, tablet and a charger as well as any additional needs you might have. The briefcase is meant to be a safe way to carry your tech to and from work, so they come with interior padding. 

The Daily Must-Have: A Backpack

One of the best shoes for men is a backpack. They’re made for everything from travel to work and casual needs and thus come in every possible size and fabric on the market. Versatility is vital for these bags, so the options are endless. 

The Street Style Must Have: Sling Bag

A street-style staple, the sling bag Is everywhere these days. They can be worn across your back with a more casual look and a more minimal look than most other bags. Many brands now offer these bags as a street-style offering for a younger demographic. 

Where Should You Go For The Best Men’s Designer Bags?

If you want a wide variety of men’s and unisex bags, you can’t go past Louis Vuitton. With a new LV men’s creative director in residence, you can look forward to new bag options coming with the next season, on top of the current and classic options. 



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