GPU Dedicated Server: How It Improves Graphics Designs?



Everything we see as content is related to graphic designs. From brand awareness campaigns to simple social media posts, we use graphics all the time.


But what is it that makes graphic designs so heavy that they require a GPU? Well, designers use complex design systems, which are quite heavy on the processor part; this is why graphic designing is easier with GPU Dedicated Servers. GPUs or graphical processing units have sophisticatedly replaced CPUs.


A GPU-dedicated server is best for high-quality gaming or video editing. We will have a closer look at GPU-based servers to fully understand their capability to improve graphic designs. In this article, you will read about the benefits of such hosting and how you can find the best & cheap GPU server hosting.


What is a GPU Dedicated Server Hosting?


We will talk about processors before we begin to understand GPU dedicated servers. A processor works as a relationship manager between a computer and a human. It ensures all the tasks required by the human are clearly understood by the computer.


A power-packed processor eventually results in a fast-processing computer. Both CPU and GPU are processors with different capabilities. The basic difference between a GPU dedicated server and a CPU lies in the power to handle high-quality multimedia operations. A dedicated server with gpu has better SSD disk storage, complete root access, and faster data transmission.



A physically installed single-tenant server or a dedicated server offers private space to the client on the main server through physical separation. Web resources like RAM, bandwidth, disk space, etc., are allotted to an individual person. This enhances the stability and security of the server for the client.


When we combine a GPU with a dedicated server, we get the fastest and safest data transmission. The client can easily process heavy media files within minutes through this server hosting. This type of server is best suitable for gaming, animation, big data analysis, machine learning, etc.


So, to sum up, the graphic unit’s meaning is that it gives better and more attractive media and reduces the work pressure on the server. Persist reading if you want to know about the working process of GPU concerning graphic designs.

How Does GPU Dedicated Server Improve Graphics Designs?

High-quality media plays a very important role in today’s digital era. With the introduction of social media in the last decade, everyone is used to uploading, downloading, and eventually consuming a large set of high-quality multimedia data.


This high-quality 2D and 3D multimedia also require speed for transmission, which is efficiently facilitated through a graphic unit. A dedicated GPU hosting enables parallel processing for the client.

Do you know what exactly parallel processing that makes this server special? Well, parallel processing is similar to decentralization. Yes, the data or task is divided into various smaller sections and allotted to different managers. Each fragmented task is performed at the same time, leading to faster results in a short period.


This type of service is not available with a central processing unit. The rich quality of the video, images, graphics, etc., requires faster transmission. Heavy games like Asphalt have rich media files requiring a super fast processor to give real-time results.


Consequently, you can perform specific mathematical operations much faster on a GPU than they can on a CPU. An interesting fact to note here is that an Nvidia graphics card is roughly 16 times swifter than an Intel processor. Let’s talk more about the benefits of a GPU dedicated server.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting With GPU

A graphic unit-powered single-tenant server comes with many more benefits than you can imagine. We have compiled some of them below.


1.   Performance Optimization

A graphic card combined with a dedicated server can take the performance of the website to another level. The parallel processing feature allows the server to manage multi-tasks in a short time frame as compared to a CPU. This ultimately gives a smooth visitor experience to all those rich-quality media users. This processor helps to attain an unwrinkled gaming adventure through an enhanced video experience.


2.   Excellent Video Experience

As mentioned above, even a cheap GPU dedicated server is better than a traditional CPU. A central processing unit does tasks serially and not parallelly, eventually taking longer. A GPU is in high demand for tasks like downloading or uploading images, videos, audio, and facial recognition. The client can now get excellent video experience with cheap graphic-powered servers too. If money is your concern, then you should try your hands at the VPS GPU server.


3.   Gaming Experience

The gaming industry has reached the next level with the introduction of augmented reality and virtual reality in games. A CPU is not able to handle or work with this type of technology as it requires lighting fast speed for data processing and complex calculations. You can attain the best gaming experience, only a perfect gaming experience with a suitable processing card and high internet speed.

Which Hosting Provider Offers the Best GPU Dedicated Server At a Fair Cost?

Serverwala cloud data center delivers the best GPU-powered single-tenant web hosting services compared to other providers. Their competitive pricing plans come up with a bunch of attractive benefits. Serverwala facilitates proper RAM specification along with ample SSD storage for their clients. Each plan is powered with high bandwidth metrics at a much cheaper rate.


Their cheap GPU dedicated servers technology will aid you in running your favorite application effortlessly. This is the finest company when it comes to instant provisioning. You will have the best hosting experience if you are related to any of these sectors, like gaming, media, design, construction, deep learning, etc. Their smooth GPU dedicated servers will make your website lightning fast. This platform even provides cloud DNS management to manage dozens of domains.



A graphic design includes multimedia files that are very high-quality. You need a suitable processor like GPU to work on such media files. You will have a flawless experience when you combine the graphic card with dedicated gpu server hosting. A GPU-powered server like this will facilitate you with increased SSD space for your rich media files, along with strong customer support.


You can choose Serverwala’s hosting if you want automated network monitoring, Nvidia’s latest graphics cards, and unlimited bandwidth.

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